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What Counts

Posted: April 4, 2014 by writingsprint in Writing
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Another great story by Mads. I love the personal, unexpected side of these things. Being a werewolf or a vampire isn’t just about running around in the street or the woods, silver bullets and stakes. There are families and real life to deal with.

Really Short Stories

Red Moon

You wake up. You feel a slight congestion in your chest and soreness in your throat. You cough a little to clear it. It feels a bit better. For now.

You drive down to your aunt’s house for the Christmas breakfast. You know the only reason they invited you is out of pity. You’re grateful anyway. The kitchen is filled with the clamour of family. It makes you smile. And long for something of your own. But you have a “condition,” and you know you can never have your own family.

Your eyes instinctively seek out the shaggy black head of cousin Seth who was your best friend and practically brother growing up. But you don’t. You wouldn’t know what to say to him anymore. Besides, you’re sure he hates you now.

Suddenly your breath hitches and you find yourself coughing again. Your chest hurts and you bring up a…

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