Slave Soldier

Slave Soldier tells part of the back story for my Imperial Agent character, Cartog, from the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic. Cartog was born on Hutta. He lived there until his late teens, when he was enslaved by the Empire and sent to refine his killing skills in the army. Cartog spent three years as a slave soldier, doing what he was told, when he was told, or suffering the consequences. He became a better killer, and he became even better at doing what he needed to do to survive.

The Black Ghost

“The Sith lowered its hood. Cartog tried not to flinch. It was a decaying shell of a man, with thin black veins in his neck, and flickering red eyes. The creature was about his height and about his build, wearing black, horned armor and a blood red cloak…” Read more

Dance of Death

“Sestra started chanting. Cartog’s heart pounded. He’d wasn’t religious but he knew when to ask Fate for its favor. Cartog asked over and over again, Protect my dogs, protect my dogs, protect my dogs. They were the only family he had…” Read more

No Help

“Cartog walked to the captain’s tent as fast as he could. When walking wasn’t enough, he jogged. When he couldn’t bear that anymore, he ran. He punched out two guards that got in his way, and walked directly in…” Read more

Punishments and Rewards

“Sestra reached his hand out and Force-choked him again. He dropped to his knees immediately, much faster than he had before. Cartog pointed his rifle at him. The rest of the Jackals did too. “Let him go!” Cartog shouted…” Read more

Peasant Weapons

“Lord Sestra was fighting a handful of fanatics with vibroswords. He was covered in their blood and practically glowing in dark light, but even he couldn’t hold them all. Cartog had an urge to try to help him. He fired at pirates nearby…” Read more

A Different Kind of Freedom

“After a week of confinement, beatings, and collar shocks, Cartog heard a new set of footsteps walking toward his cell. The door clanked open. Two guards entered the room and flanked the door. They weren’t guards from the 17th. They were cyborgs…” Read more


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