Dream Girl

I always wanted to write a story inspired by the video for Evanscence’s “Bring Me to Life,” which grabs me every time I watch it. Did she want to let go, or did he fail to save her? Is it a dream, or is she a ghost?

Dream Girl

“A girl walked past the window. He jumped back so hard he almost cut his back in the wooden edges of his headboard. A girl. A simple white slip, translucent white skin, raven black hair, casual steps on bare feet that were heedless of the hundred-foot drop off the foot-wide ledge that she walked on.” Read more

Something to Remember Me By

“She opened her eyes. They were dark, almost black, like the little marbles he used to play with as a kid. The stillness in them scared him more than the drop. His chest tightened. Tom felt like an invisible, thin hand was playing its fingers over his ribs like xylophone keys.” Read more

Something Is Missing

“If God came along, picked up the building and held it sideways, he would fall and go splat against the building across the street. Tom took deep, shaking breaths, and felt his body go cold. He had never been afraid of falling in his life.” Read more

Her Name Was Amy

“Tom felt like he had just picked up a plain-covered journal in a used book store, flipped open the cover, and read the words ‘L.H. Oswald 1962’ scribbled on the inside cover. A lead weight dropped into his stomach.” Read more

February’s Touch

“The chill came back. Buster’s hair stood up and he ran to the other side of the apartment. Tom felt an urge to keep watching the mirror. The shadows behind him looked like they were moving. In the mirror, he was only a silhouette, with a crescent moon slice of his face all that he could see. His skin prickled.” Read more

Audio Track

“Tommy heard Buster hiss. He shuddered as he heard something besides Amy: a guttural growl, then a wet, sucking sound. Like a living garbage disposal. He heard himself gasping for breath and stumbling in the room. Amy kept shouting. It sounded like she was throwing herself against the window.” Read more

Conversation with a Ghost

“Tom gulped. People sometimes said this was an old, “sick” building. The health department couldn’t prove anything. He remembered getting a chest infection a year ago, for no good reason. He thought it was a spring cold. He’d had no energy and he felt like he couldn’t sleep for weeks. She nodded. “I know what you’re thinking. Last year. That’s when it took a taste of you.” Read more

You’re the Bridge, Tommy

“Tommy remembered something from one of the library books stacked on his desk, next to Mr. B’s elbow. There were legends of people taken away by the faerie. A body was left in their place so people wouldn’t know they were gone. What if she really wasn’t dead? Or did it matter?” Read more

How Do You Fight a Ghost?

“Okay. Chains of daisy flowers… that’s really more for children… red verbena, red-berried trees… rowan wood, ash wood… running water.” He looked up. “I hope to God we’re looking up the right mythology. If it’s a Chinese spirit, I’m reading from the wrong damned book.” Read more


“Buster ran to his crate again. The three of them faced the door. The flickering hall lights framed the door. Tom imagined a hand pressing against it. A hand from a thing named Hunger. Nothing but hunger. It recoiled from the salt cloud, then felt seething, oily rage.” Read more

Waking Up

“The smoke clouded his eyes. He saw his room through sheer black veils. Black and white veils: he could see Amy, too. She hadn’t even realized what was happening. Tom felt the smoke move through his hair, brushing over his skin. The hair on his arms stood on end. He was in death’s embrace.” Read more


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