Cerberus Games

The King's Ransom
In The King’s Ransom, you’ll find hundreds of magic items, made for use in any game system. We have Armor, because the first defense against any attack is not to be hit; Melee Weapons, because before we had diplomacy, we had bashing the bad guy’s head in; Missile Weapons and Ammunition, because arrows reach farther than swords; Wands and Staves, because things that go ZAP reach farther than arrows; Miscellaneous Items Volume I and Volume II, because you never know what the lich was keeping for sentimental reasons; Temporary Items, because things that make you almighty don’t last forever (and usually have a price); and Rings, because rings are preciousssss.

In Favors of Fortune, you’ll get 100 different blessings, curses, events, mishaps… call them what you will. They bode good or ill for either the players or the referee, depending on who plays the favor. Fortune favors the bold, but stuff happens to everybody.

Malia, the Evil Warrior PrincessMalia, The Evil Warrior Princess is a villain for use in any fantasy role-playing game. Those who meet her are first shocked by her scarred appearance. As they begin to speak to her, they will know that they’re facing a woman of exceptional willpower. Malia is basically amoral. Life is cheap, and she will take it or grant it, or pain, as easily as asking what’s next for dinner. Malia is arrogant and hot-tempered, and enjoys earthly pleasures. She is cruelly opposed to those who use demonic magic. This will place her on the same side as most adventurers, but she will quickly prove to be an ally they’d rather not have.

Dogs of War“We’re low on ammunition.”
“Half the platoon is down with dysentery.”
“Who put this guy in charge?”

Dogs of War is a game supplement intended to add the element of pure chaos to any strategy game. Players get over 200 events, problems, mistakes, countermeasures, and acts of fate that happen during war. One adds flavor, two makes things interesting, three makes things very interesting, and anything over three cards each is an invitation to bedlam. Dogs of War cards are full-color, with gripping photos of soldiers and war machines in the field. Cards are provided with and without cammo background for less toner-intensive printing. As an added bonus, you can use your cards as over 200 dice rolls, too!


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