Digging in Pillows and Blankets

Posted: May 30, 2015 by writingsprint in Science fiction
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Post #7 of the 30-day Mass Effect drabble challenge. Today’s prompt: Liara, Benezia, “snuggle pile,” courtesy of the Mass Effect Random Prompt Generator.

“Where did my daughter go? Has anyone seen my daughter?”

Liara giggled from beneath a pile of blankets in the middle of their family room. They played this game every time they planned a sleepover with her friends from school. Liara could see her mother’s feet as she walked, turned, and pretended not to see the lump that watched her, sparkling blue eyes over a smile that almost burst off her face.

“I hope she isn’t lost. Oh, dear. Should I eat all her cake and sweets myself?”

“No!” This was when she always ran out and stopped her mother from doing just that, which little Liara did again. As always, her mother scooped her up, hugged her and they fell into a pile in the middle of the pillows and blankets.

“I’m so relieved!” her mother said.

“Don’t worry. I wouldn’t go far.”

“I know you wouldn’t, dearest. So. Do you want to read a book before your friends arrive? Play a game?”

“I want to dig in the mountains.” Liara yanked at the blankets. She turned them into peaks and valleys surrounding them. “There’s buried treasure everywhere!”

Her mother laughed. “All right, my little archaeologist.”

“What’s an arkie-awlo-gist?”

Her mother’s expression became dreamy. “Someone who finds old, old knowledge, from the people who came before us.”

Liara drew a breath filled with wonder. Her hushed voice whispered, “That’s what I want to do.”

Her mother brushed her fingers over Liara’s face. “Just like your mother. Remember to value today as well, little wing.” She hopped onto a pillow bunched up behind her. “Where’s our first treasure?”

“Over here!” Liara squealed and dove into a pile of blankets and pillows behind her. Her mother laughed and joined in. Liara hoped they had enough time to find a few ancient treasures before her friends arrived.

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