Epilogue: What We Fought For

Posted: March 17, 2015 by writingsprint in Science fiction, We've Got Your Back
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21st and final part of “We’ve Got Your Back,” a Mass Effect fan fiction. This story has spoilers for the end of Mass Effect 3.

Come back tomorrow for acknowledgements and thoughts on the story :).
After the Crucible fired, quarian search teams on Rannoch found no geth platforms operational and all data cores powered off, but completely undamaged. Unwilling to risk damaging the geth by tinkering with them while trying to help, they guarded the data cores and ensured they remained safe and undamaged until live geth returned to Rannoch a year later. One by one the data cores were brought back to life. To this day, Awakening Day is celebrated as a holiday to remember the reconciliation of the geth and quarians, and their restoration to life by geth and quarians working side by side.

In future years, the rachni and krogan would fight wars over several planets, many never known by the other races, as both began to expand into the same hostile environments they preferred living on. Ironically, this has been a good thing, since both enjoy the challenge of testing themselves, and this serves to keep their populations and aggressive instincts in check. A salarian analyst observed, “The krogan and rachni are the apex predators of our galaxy. It’s a good thing their favorite prey is each other.”

The Citadel Council was evacuated to Thessia after the Reapers took the Citadel. They remained there for the full decade that it took to repair the Citadel and learn to maintain it, since the Keepers were killed by the Crucible effect. The Citadel was eventually returned to its place in the Serpent nebula. Its repair and restoration to the nebula was the first of many landmark feats of galactic cooperation to come.

The restoration of the Citadel to its rightful place was also celebrated by the dedication of the Reaper War Memorial at the center of the Presidium: a circle of statues–men, women and children of all the races–standing together holding hands facing outward from a towering fountain. The fountain itself is behind a fence for safety reasons, but people are allowed to duck under the statues’ arms and walk inside the circle to symbolically experience how we stood for one another in the war. The crew of the Normandy gathered together again, as well as Admiral, now Councilor, Hackett, veterans from the final battle, and other heroes from across the galaxy. As the memorial fountain was turned on, children who were born after the end of the war ran inside the circle to play. Shepard pulled Miranda close, and said, “That’s what we fought for.”


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