Epilogue, Part 3

Posted: March 16, 2015 by writingsprint in Science fiction, We've Got Your Back
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Part 20 of “We’ve Got Your Back,” a Mass Effect fan fiction. This story has spoilers for the end of Mass Effect 3.
Randall and Inali married soon after the end of the Reaper War. Randall served as a special operations infiltrator for the Alliance, serving under Ashley on the Scimitar and then the Normandy. He was a member of the insertion team that succeeded in capturing the former Cerberus Director whose experiments had included trying to forcibly convert Inali into a cyborg. Most details of the mission, including the Director’s eventual fate, remain classified. Rumors that he was turned over to the krogans as punishment for his experiments on their species have never been confirmed. Inali worked as an electronics expert for the Alliance and remained lifelong friends with Jack, whom Inali described as “a wonderful, tattooed godsend” for her help during Inali’s difficult recovery. After retiring from their military careers, Randall and Inali spent much of their time traveling and volunteering for aid organizations. Randall and Inali named their first daughter Jacqueline, after Jack, and asked Jack to be her godmother. When Jacqueline turned 18, Randall and Inali allowed her to get her first tattoo, from Jack.

Kelly became a licensed psychotherapist and social worker, helping people get back on their feet after the war while helping them recover from their emotional scars as well. Many civilians and veterans alike say that they owe her their lives—including Shepard, who called her by vidcom when some of his post-traumatic stress became too much in the early years after the war. Shepard was very fond of her and he and Miranda would make it a point to visit.

Samantha remained on the Normandy, moving from communications to intelligence analysis, using her keen tactical mind to ensure the team had the advantage in every situation. Ashley called her “the ace up my sleeve,” a moniker that Samantha loved. When she retired from military service she made a fortune as a stockbroker, a profession she was ideally suited for. She later married. She and her wife adopted two children. They live in a house with a white picket fence and a golden retriever.

Javik went to the Cronian nebula to join his men, as he told Shepard he would… then returned. He realized that his purpose as the prothean avatar of vengeance had been fulfilled. He also admired the courage and sacrifice of the primitives in their final battle against the Reapers, and he felt that continuing to live would be the greatest testament to his people that he could give. Javik now wanders the galaxy as an avatar of hope and justice, similar to the asari woman Samara. He feels it is a role he is not worthy to bear, but shall anyway. Later in life he would marry an asari, and their children became the legacy of the protheans.

Adams, Gabby and Donnelly stayed on as the Normandy’s engineering team. Adams served under Shepard and Ashley and finished out his career on the Normandy, eventually retiring to a colony not too far from Earth. Gabby and Donnelly married and later left to join civilian life and help with rebuilding, working on civilian ships and in power plants. They have three children. All three engineers are still friends with Tali.

Anderson’s body was found in the wreckage of the Citadel by salvage and repair teams. He was brought home to London, posthumously knighted, and buried next to his parents in a ceremony befitting the first human Councilor and the leader of the resistance on Earth. The entire Normandy team attended, as well as the Citadel Councilors and other dignitaries from around the galaxy. Kahlee Sanders spoke a moving eulogy. The replacement for Arcturus Station was named Anderson Station in his honor, and his dog tags are preserved in a shrine at the British Museum.


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