Epilogue, Part 2

Posted: March 15, 2015 by writingsprint in Science fiction, We've Got Your Back
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Part 19 of “We’ve Got Your Back,” a Mass Effect fan fiction. This story has spoilers for the end of Mass Effect 3.
Jack returned to the Grissom Academy to work with the Ascension Project full-time. (In my headcanon she didn’t leave the Normandy until just before the start of ME3, when they heard the Reapers were coming.) She became the school’s beloved black sheep, the teacher they were most embarrassed to have and yet most grateful for. Rumors that Jack’s favorite students get tattoos after they graduate have never been confirmed. She and Shepard remained close friends, and while Miranda never truly felt close to her, Jack did help Miranda to get a tattoo of her own.

Samara continued to serve as a justicar for the next twenty years, bringing order to an uncertain galaxy in need of protection for the weak. Afterward, the asari asked her to serve as Councilor for the asari people, which she accepted. Her clear wisdom and unswerving dedication to justice led to her being considered by many historians to be one of the greatest Councilors of all time. A hundred years after the end of the Reaper War, genetic research would yield a treatment for the ardat-yakshi mutation. While still unable to have children, Samara’s daughter Falere was able to leave the monastery and experience the gift of joining with others. Samara considered the day Falere left the monastery to be the happiest of her life.

Joker and EDI continued to fly the Normandy until the ship was decommissioned in 2227. EDI’s platform was upgraded using geth data storage to enable her to leave the Normandy permanently. They now live at the Citadel, where Jeff is the highest-scoring player at the Armax Arsenal Arena and EDI can observe plenty of strange organic behaviors to ask Jeff about.

Jacob and Brynn—with Infinity’s support—worked with former Cerberus scientists to help rebuild the Citadel. They stayed there for several years after the project was completed, Brynn working in a laboratory studying ancient power sources and Jacob working for C-Sec’s search and rescue arm. In later days they settled on, of all places, Eden Prime, hoping to help make it the beacon of hope it was always meant to be.

Kasumi finally let go of Kagei’s memory at the end of the war, seeing the lives that everyone was moving on to and the new opportunities opening up in the galaxy. She wanted to share in it as well. Kasumi wiped Kagei’s greybox clean and gave it to Liara before leaving the Normandy. She couldn’t think of anyone with better memories to share. She married later in life, and is still the least-known, most successful thief in the galaxy.

Vega finished the N7 program, becoming a model soldier and doing Shepard proud. He transferred to the Alliance rapid response force, moving from colony to colony as the frontier continued to expand, having one adventure after another. He eventually married and took up a permanent post on a colony in the Terminus systems still too new to have a name.

Cortez stayed on the Normandy and saved both Shepard’s and Ashley’s bacon many more times. Shepard called him “the angel on my shoulder.” He retired from military life and became a civilian pilot on the frontier. He remained best friends with Lopez his entire life.

Zaeed stayed on the Normandy long enough for Shepard to recover, so that he, Shepard, Garrus and Grunt could go drinking one last time. He then took his mercenary pay and vanished. Nobody knows what happened to him, but it is true that, less than a year later, Vido Santiago of the Blue Suns was assassinated, and less than a year after that, Aria T’Loak gained a new consort whose identity was unknown. Rumor has it that he’s human and a lethal son of a bitch.


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