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Part 18 of “We’ve Got Your Back,” a Mass Effect fan fiction. This story has spoilers for the end of Mass Effect 3.
Shepard and Miranda were married at her family’s chateau in New South Wales less than a month after V-R Day. They continued to serve on the Normandy, rooting out pockets of Cerberus loyalists and turning the organization’s old assets to the common good. Miranda’s brainchild, the Infinity Group, became a nonprofit institute dedicated to cross-species liaison in science, diplomacy, and the arts. Four years after the mass relays were reactivated, their work at Infinity provided them an unexpected gift: quarian, geth, and salarian scientists working on techniques to help the quarians adapt to Rannoch found a technique based on the genophage cure that would restore Miranda’s ability to have children. Miranda’s fondest wish was granted a year later, when she gave birth to twins Kaiden and Jenna. Shepard and Miranda retired from military work to raise their family and run Infinity full-time. Miranda enjoys getting involved up to her elbows in diverse activities all over the galaxy, and Shepard likes putting his people skills to use doing something besides saving it. They love raising their children, and their work gives them both plenty of opportunities to travel and see Oriana and their friends from the Normandy.

Garrus and Tali left the Normandy to move to Rannoch. Tali stepped down from her position on the Admiralty to become the mayor of one of the new communities. Garrus became the town marshal. They married and adopted two children, a turian and a quarian, shortly after. After serving two terms, Tali stepped down so that she could return to the technical tinkering that she so dearly loves. Garrus enjoys taking the kids exploring and teaching them to shoot, especially when Uncle Shepard and Aunt Miranda come to visit. The four of them stayed best friends for the rest of their lives.

Ashley was transferred by the Citadel Council to another frigate, the Scimitar, since having two Spectres on the same ship was a waste of their talents in a time when Spectres were sorely needed to help rebuild. She took command of the Normandy after Shepard left and had a distinguished career, rising to the rank of captain and retiring before they could make her an admiral and put her behind a desk. She still works as a consultant helping to train new recruits, who widely consider her the most dangerous, most helpful instructor they ever had. She married and has three children—all boys, the first named after her father. She still reads and occasionally writes poetry.

Liara dedicated the next several years to cataloguing the events and personal stories of the Reaper War. Her memoir of the war, We Stood Together, was a bestseller and praised as the seminal work on the era. She left her work as the Shadow Broker to Feron, who remained Liara’s friend and confidante. She excelled in a variety of pursuits over the centuries of the rest of her life, usually in academic and diplomatic fields, and periodically consulting for Infinity. She married twice and has three children.

Wrex returned to Tuchanka to lead its reconstruction once the mass relays were repaired. In his absence, one of the clans rose against clan Urdnot in spite of their common cause in victory over the Reapers. Bakara led Urdnot and its allies and crushed the other clan utterly, which the remaining clans took as a symbol of Urdnot’s strength. They proved to be a formidable pair and ruled their people wisely, if not nicely.

Grunt became Wrex’s right hand. He rebuilt Aralakh company and was involved in several pitched battles with the rachni, which he considered second only to the Reaper War as the most fun in his life. Grunt became a legendary hero among krogan warriors, and was nicknamed by some “the krogan Shepard.” He had several mates but never married.


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