We’re Going In

Posted: March 6, 2015 by writingsprint in Science fiction, We've Got Your Back
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Part 10 of “We’ve Got Your Back,” a Mass Effect fan fiction. This story has spoilers for the end of Mass Effect 3.
The Kodiak’s engines were already firing up as Miranda came out of the elevator. Jack and Ashley stood in the hatch, waving her to hurry. “Move your ass, cheerleader! We don’t have time!” Jack yelled.

Garrus was running ahead of her. What the hell was he doing there? Miranda pushed him in and closed the hatch. There wasn’t time to argue. She saw full medical evac gear and some heavy weapons for good measure. Ashley knew her stuff.

As Miranda belted herself in, she asked, “Garrus, what the hell are you doing?”

“You left Jacob in charge of the Normandy. I left Randall on the forward guns. He looked like it was his birthday.”

“Is he even qualified?”

“I trained him myself. He’ll blow the wings off a gnat at half a parsec.”

As the squad put on their helmets and pressurized their suits, she heard Joker say, “We’re going in. Get ready.”

From the cockpit, Cortez said, “Hold on, everybody!”

The hangar bay doors opened. Quickly, Miranda saw a glimpse of one of the Citadel’s arms, then Cortez fired the shuttle’s thrusters and they were out.

Miranda had never felt so exposed in her life. Ships and deadly fire were everywhere. Allied ships. Reaper ships. Some of the technology was so alien that she couldn’t tell what was friendly and what was Reaper. That’s simple enough, she chided herself. If it tries to kill you, it’s Reaper.

Cortez flew the Kodiak like an interceptor–then Miranda actually saw interceptors from the Yorktown’s wing form up around them. Three of them fired thrusters, flipped over and gave them covering fire.

Miranda held her breath as the Kodiak skidded in next to the breach that Garrus had shot away from the Citadel, going from full speed to dead stop in seconds.

“Shit, I gotta go driving with you, Esteban!” Vega said.

Miranda slid the hatch open and jumped the narrow gap to the Citadel. The edge of the space was charred, melted metal. Inside looked like a corridor. Miranda saw what looked like human body parts clinging to support struts in the walls. Frozen scarlet muck on the ground confirmed it.

Grunt, Ashley and Jack automatically took point, with Tali and Miranda in the middle, and Garrus and Vega in the rear. Miranda’s HUD showed EDI’s map, their position, and an arrow to Shepard’s position.

“No targets,” Ashley said.

“Keep your eyes open.”

“Roger that.”

A blue haze covered the corridor. Ashley passed her arm through it. “Atmosphere seal.” She hurried through. “We’ve got air.”

“Helmets stay on just in case.”

“Got a door,” Jack said.

“Tali,” Miranda said. The quarian hurried forward and began working the door’s controls.

“Wonder where we are,” Garrus said.

“Someplace we were never meant to be,” Ashley mused.

From outside, explosions that were too close for comfort lit up the corridor.

“Got it!” Tali said.

The door opened. Inside was what looked like a bridge over an electrical furnace. Ashley, Grunt and Jack ran in, guns pointed ahead, while the others followed, covering above and behind them. Storms of crimson arcs the size of buildings flashed over rising and falling power cells. Thunder crashed everywhere. It felt they were inside a cross between a music box and a tesla coil gone mad.

The Crucible was about to unleash it all on the Reapers.

  1. Steve says:

    Really great stuff! Been reading this for a while – and, that exchange that Shepard had with Harbinger in your post a couple of days ago cracked me up. I wish the game had gone this way!

    Liked by 1 person

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