Looking for Trouble

Posted: February 26, 2015 by writingsprint in We've Got Your Back
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Part 3 of “We’ve Got Your Back,” a Mass Effect fan fiction. This story has spoilers for the end of Mass Effect 3.

Joker shimmied the Normandy between razor slices of beam fire from a handful of oculi, the killer satellites they encountered when they had attacked the Collector base. A squadron of turian fighter craft scratched their back for them with a quick burst of cannon fire. Ashley issued a quick thanks. She watched the battle, listening to com traffic and looking for new targets.

Behind her, the elevator opened. Miranda limped into the CIC. Her armor had seen better days. Ashley said, “I thought you were in the medical bay.”

“Bandages and medigel are all that’s holding me together. What’s our status?”

“We’ve got a hole in the lower deck. Engineering’s on it. Shepard made it to the Citadel, but the Crucible isn’t firing.”

She smiled. She knew he’d make it! “All right. Get a team together. You, Jack, Grunt, Vega, and Tali. Get to the shuttle bay and stand by. I’ll be there as soon as we’ve pinpointed his location.” If there was even a chance John was alive, there was no way she would stay away.

“Isn’t Tali wounded too?”

“Her suit’s healing her faster than anything we have. We’ll need our best tech in case we need to bypass any internal systems.”

“Got it.” Ashley hurried off.

Miranda toggled the internal com line. “EDI, scan the Citadel for Reaper com traffic using the code fragment we found on Rannoch as a template. If Shepard’s encountering resistance, that might tell us where the trouble is.”


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