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Posted: February 24, 2015 by writingsprint in Science fiction, We've Got Your Back
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While doing research on Risha’s story I started to go stir crazy with not doing creative work. To scratch that itch I wrote another Mass Effect fan fiction story. (What? Another fan fic? Really?) I know, I know. They’re easier to write because someone else has done the heavy lifting developing the characters.

It’s actually pretty darned good, so I thought I’d share it with you.

We’ve Got Your Back, Part 1 – The Crucible

This is my headcanon ending to Mass Effect 3, and my personal love letter to the game series and its characters. Off the bat, I want to say that the Bioware team did an awesome job, and their ending was epic and legendary. This is just how I would have done it. So, first of all, SPOILERS AHEAD! I added some details for those who’ve never played the game, but really, most of this won’t make sense if you haven’t. Apologies on that.

Our story picks up from Shepard and Anderson sitting next to each other just after Shepard opens the Citadel’s arms. The Crucible is about to dock.

Some essential information:

  • Miranda is Shepard’s love interest.
  • The quarians and geth make peace.
  • The beam run team is Miranda and Tali. Wounded during the battle, they’re currently in the Normandy’s medical bay.
  • Miranda is the Normandy‘s first officer. Ashley is the second officer. Garrus is on the guns. The rest of the squad are doing their thing wherever they are.

The squad from Mass Effect 2 is on the Normandy as well as those from Mass Effect 3. The team also has two new members: Randall Ezno and Inali Renata, whom we meet in Mass Effect: Infiltrator. Inali was saved and fully recovered from her transformation by Cerberus.

This story contains actual dialogue from the games that I wove in. Needless to say, those words are the property of Bioware, I own none of it, and this story was written and provided for free solely for entertainment purposes.

On with the story!

“…I’m proud of you.”

“Thank you, sir.”

The room became more silent, if that were even possible. Shepard realized why. He couldn’t hear Anderson breathing.


Anderson’s chest had stopped moving. Tears rolled down Shepard’s face. His parents had died while he was just a boy. Shepard remembered when the polite man in the uniform had come to his aunt’s house to let her and young John know that his mommy and daddy wouldn’t be coming home. Anderson had been the closest he’d had to a father figure. Not that he’d ever told him that. He’d seen so many people die that he couldn’t even count them anymore. He’d cried for many of them, but not like this.

A dreadnought exploded like a star near Earth’s horizon. Passing over the glow, the Reaper that had fired the shot opened its tendrils as it turned to look for more.

Shepard looked up at the ceiling and screamed, “Damn it, end it already!” His voice echoed off the walls. No one had spoken inside this room in thousands of years. The way things were going, no one would in thousands more, either. His body, Anderson’s and the Illusive Man’s would be the only testament left that humans had ever existed at all.

Shepard felt the deck bump as the Crucible docked. A puzzle unspooled in the holographic instrument panel. Shepard stood. He didn’t want to leave his friend, but he realized his work wasn’t done yet.

Shepard faced the panel. He felt the tingle in the back of his neck that he always got when his prothean neurology kicked in. It wasn’t a puzzle. It was the final sequence to activate the Crucible, prepared by a prothean.

Without knowing how, he knew what he had to do. Shepard began tapping glyphs on the interface. Superstrings of dark energy began unwinding. Connecting. Synchronizing. Simultaneously he saw subatomic particles combining with each other, while the mass relays sang radioactive music, a coherent pulse of energy the likes of which hadn’t been seen since creation.

“Stop,” a child’s voice said.

His world flashed white. Outside, his eyes flickered gold like they did on the colony where they met Javik. Shepard froze.

Shepard stood on the top of a hill overlooking a burned-out wasteland. Twisted bones of ancient temples reached toward a blackened sky. The boy from his dreams stood next to him. In the strange way that dreams have, Shepard didn’t ask why.


What do you think?

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