Never Ignore the Muse

Posted: December 18, 2014 by writingsprint in My two cents
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A friend once told me, “Do the thing you’re scared of, and do it quickly.”

Hi all! Like I said before, I’ll be stopping by to drop in a post now and then while I’m working on The Lost Princess, rather than the daily posts I usually do.

Nanowrimo was a great way to get down all the ideas for scenes that I had knocking around in my head. It’s a great way to try out your crazy ideas, too, because there’s no time to do anything other than churn out content. It’s difficult to plot during Nanowrimo because plot takes thought. It means answering questions and dealing with funny little issues like cause and effect. Nanowrimo is like dreaming. When you reach a dead end, you either run through the wall or magically teleport yourself somewhere else. You can’t stop writing. It simply isn’t an option.

So, since then, I’ve been taking aim at holes in the plot and working out what the story needs to be. New scenes have been written, old ones have changed. I’m daring myself to write scenes that are the equivalent of walking in a strange, dark room without a flashlight, where I can barely see and I don’t know where the light’s coming from.

Recently I was working on one of the early scenes. I’d done a lot of soul searching and figured out, a little better than “roughly” and not as much as “clearly,” where I wanted the story to go. I could sit down and keep digging, but I was dying to write something creative and I knew it. The digging that I had in mind was well-disguised procrastination. I’d been plotting for a week, busy for two or three days, and being chicken on three or four others. The scene’s in work now and it’s moving along fine.

It gets better. My muse was telling me to send the plot in a direction that was going to open up a completely new branch of the story. At first I thought, hell no. That’s the last thing I need. Then I realized that there are writers out there who are dying for a whisper from their muse. Anything at all. To have a path to an entire side story open up, that I didn’t even ask for? That’s like passing on a dream date with Angelina Jolie because you really prefer blondes. (I know, Angelina’s married. Hence the word “dream.”) It may become an anchor of the story, or it may never even get used, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you never, ever, ever ignore the muse. You just say thank you and write as fast as you can.


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