Crashing in toward the Ending

Posted: November 28, 2014 by writingsprint in Nanowrimo
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Just over 2,000 words today, 47,570 words total. If it’s at all possible I want to wrap up Nanowrimo tomorrow. With so many questions and plot points that I need to work out, I scratched my head wondering what to write for the next two days.

I want to know how it ends. I also want a scene where Risha and Raffa just get to be human beings with each other, rather than running a gig, blowing something up, saving someone’s life, whatever. You know. Chillin’. Getting to know each other. Finding out what they don’t like about each other. Having sex. Stuff like that. I’ve done a few scenes like this in bits and pieces already, but nothing more than that. I may do that, or I may do similar scenes with minor characters that need more development. I’ll mix it up.

Without knowing more about the ending, I said “f**k it,” queued up “The End Run” from the Mass Effect 2 soundtrack, and leaped into the middle of a climactic battle at the end of the story. Our heroes have done what they came to do and are hauling ass out of the enemy fortress. Along the way, something goes wrong. All appears lost. And then…

The story will look different when it’s all done, but this is the spirit that it’ll have.

  1. Fredrik Kayser says:

    Almost there!

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