The Quiet Jobs

Posted: November 27, 2014 by writingsprint in Nanowrimo
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He dropped off the crates, took the money, and got them the hell off the planet as soon as he could. He didn’t feel better until they jumped back into hyperspace. He spent a full hour on the heavy bag, until he was dripping with sweat and burning over every inch of his body.

Kal leaned into the cargo hold. “You okay, boss?”

Raffa rubbed his face in a towel. The poorly-washed cotton scratched his face. He felt better, but he still remembered that feeling like someone was watching him. “Sometimes I hate the quiet jobs more than the loud ones,” he said.

About 1,700 words tonight. Four days to go. If I can get some quality writing time in tomorrow — look at the time, it’s 12:30 — today, Friday and Saturday, I’m hoping to wrap it up then.

I was going to say more but OS Yosemite is doing strange things again. Now my window is three times bigger than it should be, like I’m seeing impaired, and I can’t see all the controls in the window. *roll eyes*


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