Posted: November 16, 2014 by writingsprint in Nanowrimo
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“Openly, she controls all the shipping into and out of the system, which is a lot. The system is lawless. Every shipment that’s less than legal, toward the core and away, and between the Perseus and Sagittarius arms, runs through here. She gets a cut of every deal that happens there.”

1,690 words today, and 26,786 words so far. You know that expression, “I pulled on a thread and it all unraveled”? Sometimes this is the opposite. I pulled on a thread and it led to another sweater. I’m still working on the “Soul Dredging” gig planning scene, and as they plan I’ve added a crime lord, one of her underlings, and a murderous mercenary company, not to mention a few star systems. I need to start drawing maps to keep track of all this.

Now, granted, I need to remember that not all these people and things need to be treated as full characters. If they don’t matter to the story, I need to cut them out, or leave them nameless. I’m thinking of all the casino employees and minor characters in Ocean’s Eleven. Rather than having Risha or Raffa deal with the contact they’ve known for years, I may just have them say, “I know just the guy,” and move on.

Weird research of the day:
How to address foreign nobility
Royal and noble styles

  1. Alex Grover says:

    Love the weird research! That’s a nice bit. I’d love to see what your star systems look like, too. Any way we can get a look at a map draft? Preferably Sharpie on napkin, please.

    Congrats on hitting the halfway mark!

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