It’s Getting Crazy

Posted: November 15, 2014 by writingsprint in Nanowrimo
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Risha unlocked the door and pulled back on the ring. Not even a modern doorknob. Raff probably expected the hinges to screech, webs to cling to the door, and bats to fly out of the dark. As it was, the house maintenance staff did a great job cleaning, even down here.

She walked into the room. Motion sensors turned on lights and scanned Risha. She held up her hand. “Recognize, new authorization.” She waved at Raffa to come in. “Hold still. Unknown identity is Raffa Korsaro, authorized by Risha. Confirm.”

“Raffa Korsaro is recognized. Inner sanctum access is authorized,” a disembodied female voice said.

Remember what I said Thursday about pulling out scenes that I wrote a long time ago when I didn’t make my daily goal for Nanowrimo? Well, this week at work knocked my on my arse. I could barely keep my eyes open last night, let alone write, so I lost a full day. (I know, cry me a river. We all have challenges. I’m just saying.)

When I started writing Nano, I wanted to put in the time and have my story come together like this:

sheet music

Lately, it’s been coming out like this:

Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock

It all looks good, but it all feels random. It’s stopped being cohesive. I’m pulling every card that I’ve got out of the deck and I’m throwing them all down. They’re scenes that will happen — hell, they’re sentences that people will say — but nothing’s connected, or has the depth that it needs.

Breathe. It’ll all come together.

So tonight, in a desperate attempt to catch up, I threw in the scenes and pieces of scenes that I still had in the bank. That left me a few hundred words that I still had to make up for the day. Then came “Soul Dredging” by Future Rhythm Foundation:

This is one of the songs from Risha’s playlist. I’ve known for a long time that I wanted to use it as inspiration for her planning a gig. I listened to it on repeat from my iTunes. Writing has been a struggle all week, but this one hit. Hard. I wrote hundreds of words for this scene and it’s just starting. Hundreds more are coming. It’s fun. It pops. We get to see friendship between Risha and Raffa, and feel tension with family obligations on Risha’s side. It has humor and a little techno razzle dazzle. I felt like I was standing in the room with them, feeling the air, hearing their voices. The only reason I stopped was because I reached goal and I wanted to balance up my life with some family time for the rest of the night.

How does the creativity flow so smoothly sometimes? I want to know and I want it to work all the time, and at the same time, I don’t want to force it, abuse it, or take it for granted. I want to remember how good this feels. Work on the planning scene felt like drinking deep from ambrosia.

By the way, I’m finally up to 91 words ahead of goal.

Weird research links of the day:
Psychology Today, Nightmares
Google search, “neuroscience of nightmares”
Id, ego, and super-ego

Image credits:

Sheet music: Red Barn Blog
Jackson Pollock:
Used without permission

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