By Hook or by Crook

Posted: November 13, 2014 by writingsprint in Nanowrimo
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In fifteen years, Risha had never thought she would feel happy again. There had been birthdays and some smiles along the way, but nothing like this. Raffa, Vee, and Kal felt like family. She didn’t like anything better than finding suckers she didn’t like and shaking the money out of their pockets. It was justice, and it was fun, and the nights ended with good music and friends.

1,703 words added — though I didn’t write them all tonight. This is a story I’ve been playing with for a while, and I wrote some scenes just messing around over the past year or so. Some call that cheating. I call it having words in the bank. Besides, I had choir rehearsal.

I’m finding that the last 160 words are harder than the first 1600.

Weird piece of research of the night: how to play pool one-handed.

Shout-out to Susie Toman for talking about yesterday’s post on her blog! Also for having the video of the day:

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