I Always Wanted to Write That Scene

Posted: November 10, 2014 by writingsprint in Nanowrimo
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Risha went to her bunk. The woman in the mirror looked like a soldier, the same as she had when they left this morning. More than conviction burned out of her eyes. Or lineage. Risha leaned toward the mirror. She smiled. “Hello, your highness,” she said.

Today I jumped ahead in my Nanowrimo writing to work a scene inspired by a song from Risha’s playlist. (Yes, my characters have playlists.) In this one, Risha has to make a pivotal choice. She’s spent most of life learning about hard decisions and doing what’s necessary. This time, she makes a hard choice, but not the one people were expecting.

I don’t like jumping ahead, because I’m trying to start this out with some shred of continuity, but it’s a scene that has to happen. In fact, it’s going to be one of the more important scenes in the book. Based on that, I hoped it would give me some ideas of what comes before and after, to see how it ripples into the rest of the story. I learned… a few things. Less than I hoped, more than nothing.

PS: A little over 2,000 words today :). I’m almost caught up.

  1. Fredrik Kayser says:

    Interesting, personally I’ve always tried to find that one song that embodies a character, perhaps a playlist is indeed better. I’ll try it out! Oh, and good work on the word count ^^

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    • There’s usually one song on the playlist that I’ve identified as that character’s theme. The other song relate to their story, friends of theirs, songs that they would like, or generally give me a flavor for who they are.

      Risha’s playlist is a mix of bluesy jazz (Diana Krall) and bluesy chick rock (Grace Potter). That’s her style. Raffa, Risha’s love interest, is a space cowboy and sometimes comedy relief. Most of the songs in his list came from the soundtracks for “Desperado” and “From Dusk Till Dawn.” I have one who’s a dancer / warrior, so hers is a mix of beautiful contemporary dance music and techno. Another is a secret agent from a gang background. His is a mix of hip-hop and background music from action movies.

      I haven’t found a theme song that captures Risha’s noble side, though her sass is definitely “Medicine” by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.

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      • Fredrik Kayser says:

        Bluesy Jazz is the kind of music i listen to personally, good stuff! Well, that and Folk Metal and a bit of misc tunes. ^^

        Have you listned to the OSTs for Cowboy Bebop? Very space cowboy those.

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      • I’ve only recently acquired the taste for jazz, mostly because my wife enjoys it. She has great taste in music. Risha’s playlist also includes some Alicia Keys (elegant woman from the streets) and dark, brooding soundtrack for her secret enemy.

        Note to self… check out Cowboy Bebop…


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    • And thank you on the word count 🙂 !


  2. […] that capture something of the characters I’m writing about. I had a chat Mat Gerrard over at The Daily 400, and I decided to share some of the tunes I’m using for my current WiP Valkyrja. Unlike […]


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