Yes, and…

Posted: November 8, 2014 by writingsprint in Nanowrimo
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“You risk everything. You could bring ruin upon us all. Then your parents would have died for nothing. Your life would be a meaningless footnote. A nameless person killed on a backwater colony. You would give them everything that they wanted.”

There’s a technique in improv comedy called “yes, and…,” where you take the idea that your partner’s presented and add something to it. You want to keep the idea growing, moving, so that the core that your partner started with is still solid, and the piece that you added gives everyone something new to work with. What you don’t want to do is say, “no, but…” and change directions. This is like coming to a complete stop when you’re driving sixty miles an hour in one direction, trying to change things to a completely different direction.

I’m using a lot of “yes, and” in Nanowrimo. I don’t know if the directions I’m playing with are going anywhere, but I’m not stopping until I’ve played them out. If nothing else, I met two new characters today: Risha’s uncle and a bodyguard.

Some resources I used today:
A Good Star Wars Planet and Name Generator
Russian Female Names
Male Greek Names
Male Villain Names — I was looking for a name that means “thief.” I couldn’t find one, but still found some good ideas here.

2,014 words today. I made up a little over 300 words of the ground that I’m behind. Man. I can get to 1,200 or so pretty easily, but getting up to 2,000 is work. It feels like an endurance race.


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