Two Lives

Posted: November 7, 2014 by writingsprint in Nanowrimo
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Her room was a cube of concrete, four meters to a side, which she had made more homey over the years with a borrowed throw rug and hand-drawn art pieces that hung without frames on the wall. Her clothes resided in a trunk underneath her bed. The armor that she wore when she went on gigs hung on a rack across from her. Risha thought of it as her guardian. When she’d been a little girl, that was where her bear had sat during the day. The first month after they’d fled, she had cried every night thinking about how Misha had been left behind. It had felt worse the day she’d stopped crying.

1,683 words tonight. I made goal but I’m still about 1,300 behind. Progress is progress. Tonight I mostly wrote random scenes about Risha’s past and how it’s echoing into who she is today. It’s given me a better handle on who she is — or, who she wants to be, versus who she’s been becoming beyond her control. Those two threads of her life will come into conflict with each other by the end of the story.

Like I said yesterday, the most important thing at this point is play. For me, the freedom to experiment and try different things is the real benefit of Nano. I’m going to take a look at the people close to her next. Then I need to come up with some gigs for her and her gang, and see how her past weaves into them.

PS: Happy N7 Day!


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