Posted: November 5, 2014 by writingsprint in Nanowrimo
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“I think someone talked to the museum curator about this.” Risha took out the locket box. She opened it again. This time she reached in and touched it. She opened it. Inside were photos of a dashing young man with a bright smile, and a woman with warm brown eyes. Risha snapped it shut and wiped tears back with the heel of her hand.

1,210 words today. I’m about 1,100 behind where I should be. Still, I’m liking the thoughtful approach that I’m using and the quality of what I’m putting down. The story has shifted from action to exploration. We’re getting to know the main characters and their families, or surrogate families. I’m also playing with how techie I want this science fiction world to be. They’re on the frontier, so I’m keeping it fairly low.

Tomorrow I’ll try to wrap up the family scene and get back into the action of the story. The smart play is to weave a thread of the action into the family scene: something about it necessitates the action that follows. Hmm.

Random bits of research:
Popular Russian names for boys
Male names that mean “Guardian”
Names of the spiral arms of the Milky Way

Over the weekend I finished the video game Mass Effect 3. What an amazing game. I give a world of credit to the designers and to the dedicated fans who showed their love for the game with creative expressions like this.


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