Wandering in the Dark

Posted: November 3, 2014 by writingsprint in Nanowrimo
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People were yelling from the shop area. It sounded like the local enforcers had finally showed up. That wasn’t good. They would be heavily armed with itchy triggers, and wouldn’t care who they shot as long as it quieted things down in the hangar again.

What’s really bothering me about Nanowrimo is not knowing where I’m headed. I don’t have anything laid out for The Lost Princess other than a very general idea of what the plot should be. It’s like walking into a dark room where someone’s described to you how it’s laid out, but you’ve never been in it before.

You have to give yourself freedom to just write something that you don’t think is very good. You have no time to think deeply about what you’re writing. You’re getting your ideas down on the page — which were awesome, awe-inspiring, tear-inducing ideas in your head, but now are just the best you have at the time. It’s frustrating. Or humbling, if you have a more positive outlook.

Today still felt better than the last two days. I’m already starting to get a better feel for Risha and her friends. I’m also starting to make notes on future research. For the first scene: third world airport layouts. Facilities. What kinds of equipment and people you can find in a maintenance hangar. How would they react in an emergency. PS, remember to come up with new names for two of the characters.

  1. Fredrik Kayser says:

    I see NaNo as a sort of creative battle royal where it’s write instead of kill. I found it impossible to write something that was up to par with where I wanted it to be within the timeframe. But as you said, getting the ideas down is awesome. 🙂 personally disregarding word count this year and just rushing in with my creative guns blazing – at least one or two creative bullets has to be bull’s eyes, right? ^^

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    • I think you nailed it. I was comparing it to an endurance race, but I think a creative battle royal fits better. You’re literally wrestling with the scenes. And they fight back. There’s no way it could be where you want it within the time frame, and you’d have to be one hell of a fighter to come out of a battle royal without a few bruises :).

      I do have at least two scenes in mind where “I always wanted to write this one,” so at least those two should be bull’s eyes.

      Thanks for the support!

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