The Poor Man’s Space Port

Posted: November 2, 2014 by writingsprint in Writing
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They made their way around the pump house. The space port ran a kilometer farther down. From here they could see the maintenance bays and half a dozen space ships. Nehol was a poor man’s port, and didn’t have enclosed maintenance areas. When you had to work in the rain, you had to work in the rain. Today it was clear. Well, cloudy. A second bank of ships lay behind these. Their ship was third down, on the inside line. It hadn’t been perfect but Risha had been pushing their luck clearing out the cargo bay as it was. You didn’t make special requests on Nehol unless you had something to hide.

Nanowrimo Day #2. 1,708 words today. The good thing about taking my time and writing quality is that I’m loving what I’m writing. The bad thing is that it’s taking me longer to get my words in than I want. Is it really almost 11:00? Damn.

I’m starting the story off with a bang, which is typical for a science fiction adventure, though it feels like I cheating by rolling through action and snappy dialogue instead of meaty character development. Well, I’ll use my frustration to build up juicy thoughts on what’s burning up my characters inside, then write about that for a while. I was telling a friend of mine earlier today that my goal is to have fun with it. Play. Everything else is extra.


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