It’s Still Me

Posted: October 19, 2014 by writingsprint in Science fiction
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Ashley Williams - Mass Effect 2I wanted to write something new tonight but it’s late and I’m out of time, so I’m going to post another Mass Effect 2 fanfic piece. Scroll down for spoilers.
This one takes place just after the Collector attack at the Horizon colony. I wanted to see more from the conversation between him and Ashley. Her email to him in the game actually went a long way toward what I had in mind, but I wanted to see it in person. This is the first part of the scene.

Joker confirmed that the Collector ship left the system. The Normandy stayed below the planet’s horizon in case the ship came back. Shepard ordered a medical team down as well as ten crew to help the colonists. Normandy only had a crew of 45 to begin with. Stripping the ship thin like this with Collectors sniffing out the system made Shepard’s skin crawl, but the colony was bare as it was. If push came to shove, they could run for the colony’s defense batteries and hope their combined firepower was enough.

Ashley sent a priority distress signal to the Alliance. Shepard contacted the Citadel on a Spectre channel. Between the two of them, they had an Alliance rapid response unit there later within hours: three more frigates with heavily armed troops and a medical detachment. The Alacrity, a guided missile cruiser, would be there in a day. They would evacuate the colonists who were left to a larger, better-defended settlement.

Shepard reported to the Illusive Man from the ship, then came back down, ostensibly to help the colonists. It was really because he wanted to see Ash. Seeing her had been the only thing he’d wanted since they’d brought him back to life.

He ripped the image out of his mind. Since he woke up in Cerberus’ lab.

He found her helping some colonists who had been stuck inside what looked like coffin-shaped transport pods. Dr. Solus was running tests on them to see if there were contaminated in some way.

Ash gave him a look that said he sickened her. He wanted to walk away. He couldn’t stand her looking at him like that. But he had to reach out, so he asked, “How are the colonists?”

Dr. Solus said, “Ah! Shepard. Colonists appear healthy. Dizziness, low circulation, minor heart palpitation, all normal aftereffects of stasis treatment. Good to get them working. Keep their minds off emotional trauma—”

Shepard held up his hand. “Thanks, doctor.” He focused on Ash. “Is there anything else we can do to help?”

“I’m feeling better now that the Alliance is here. Watch the system perimeter and keep those guns ready. We can fend for ourselves in the meantime.”

All business. Shepard’s heart sank. He sighed. “Just let us know.”

To be continued

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