Getting My Bearings

Posted: August 28, 2014 by writingsprint in Fantasy
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As we’re about to cross the vortex into the world of mermaids – and that vortex thing may have to go – I’m taking a breath for a moment to see if I like where the story is going. The short answer: yes. Mostly. I like Erica and I like Aaron. We get to see a fearless woman explore the world beneath the sea. She’s going to wrestle a shark, a kraken, an eel, something that doesn’t like her being under water. Aaron’s going to… what’s he going to do? Help?

All right… back up, back up, back up.

Erica proposes to Aaron.
He says no, I’m a merman.
She says so, marry me anyway.
He says you’ll have to come live under the sea with me.
She says show me what it’s like.

Which is where we are now. All right, so the next logical step is that she sees the wonder of the ocean, and at first everything appears to be hunky dory, but soon reveal she runs into things that are twisted, strange and threatening. Sometimes the glitter that isn’t gold is actually the scales on an underwater serpent.

“Everything” is pretty broad there, bro. Can you narrow that down?

Right now? No. That’s why we have these stream of consciousness posts. I’m playing with my creativity instead of doing CPR chest-thrusts on it. When your heart’s still beating, just let it do its thing.

There’s a cool picture of a mer-person with octopus tentacles rather than a fish tail. I may do something with that. Maybe the other merpeople don’t like the idea of outsiders joining them.

I think that after that we should show her the alternative. The battle ends over a wreck. She gets to see where Aaron became interested in the land people in the first place. Maybe someone’s drowning or a boat’s in trouble and they help them.

I keep feeling obligated to talk about pollution, sonar injuring sea life, and so on. That’s not why I’m here. But if I deliberately turn a blind eye, is the story worse for it?

Focus on Erica. She is the main character. How do people do this? I always get overwhelmed by the world of possibilities, everything that I could possibly do with the story.

Well… what’s your favorite?

(Bugeyes) Wow. Good bloody question. She goes under the sea. She’s undaunted. It’s not what she expected, either. Ideally, Aaron changes too and they meet each other halfway.

  1. winterbayne says:

    Outsiders are either adored above expectations or disliked in my stories. I do a bit of both in my mermaid story. Tentacles are cool. Go with something like that.

    The boat…does that make for more side characters? Also, how much are these boat people going to realize that mer-peeps saved them? All kinds of questions from that alone.

    I am digging the mer-romance. You MIGHT like my short story being published next year. It has water elementals and earth elementals in it. A bit different for a fantasy write.


    • Will do on the tentacles. That’s a good point on the boat. I don’t want to introduce new characters unless they’re disposable minor characters, so that the focus stays on Erica and Aaron.

      I’d love to check your story out! I’m all about “different,” fresh ways of looking at ideas, bringing them closer to home, or new ideas that are just plain cool.


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