Yes, But…

Posted: August 21, 2014 by writingsprint in Fantasy
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mermanBouncing reggae faded behind them as Erica and Aaron walked hand in hand down the beach. Erica’s heart pounded. She’d had two mojitos to brace herself. Between the roaring surf and the blood rushing in her ears, Erica felt like she couldn’t even hear. Too loud, she said, “All right, my love. I didn’t just want to take a walk for the view.” She dialed it back. “I wanted to ask you something.”

“Aw, and I was hoping you wanted to have your way with me,” Aaron said. He sounded like an asshole, but then he smiled at her and tugged on her fingers. The moon framed his shoulder-length hair in silver light. Erica remembered why she loved him. “Just kidding. I wanted to talk to you about something, too.”

“Okay.” Erica turned to face him. This was it. She gestured toward where the surf broke on a jetty that framed the lagoon. “Look familiar?”

He stood close to her and caressed her cheek. “Of course. It’s where we met.”

Erica took a deep breath. “I couldn’t think of anyplace better. There’s something I’ve been thinking about. Ever since we met, actually. You know I’m not the patient type. So I’m asking you.” Erica felt cold and on fire at the same time. She got down on one knee.

“Wh… what are you doing?”

“Aaron Waters, love of my life, and most amazing man I’ve ever met, will you marry me?”

“Oh my God. Erica.” He covered his mouth. “Erica.”

Erica shivered. Her name wasn’t “yes.”

Aaron got down on his knees in front of her and held her hands. He looked straight into her eyes. Erica’s heart leaped. She was rehearsing kissing him in her mind when he said, “We need to talk.”

Erica’s hands went limp. “About what?” Her mind went someplace black. “If you’ve been secretly married all this time I will drown you here and now.”

Aaron laughed. “No! Of course not. This involves what I wanted to talk to you about.”

“I did not think this would be this complicated,” Erica said. Her scientific mind kicked in automatically to deal with the problem, while her emotional side wanted to know what the hell was going on. Or go back to the bar and order a double mojito.


Aaron sat down. He rubbed his hands over his shin. Down toward his foot. Up. Down. When he brushed it back again, Erica could see tiny scales the size of sand grains and the color of emeralds coating his skin. The scales glittered in the moonlight and shone in the flashes of it off the crashing waves.

No. Not coating his skin. It was his skin.

I wonder what the title’s going to be?

Photo credit: “Mermaid” community on Facebook. Original source unknown, used without permission.


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