Day Three: Well, That’s Better

Posted: August 6, 2014 by writingsprint in Triathlon
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dog swimming

I’m a little faster than this. I think.

I’m going to shorten up the training reports unless something really big, good or bad, happens. Technically these are all “slice of life” posts, but The Daily 400’s meant to be more of a creative writing than a training journal. Rest assured that race day or the day after is going to have one seriously long post about how the day went.

As a public service, I do want to post links to the training program I’m using until I get squared away with a fitness trainer from the YMCA. I found a nine-week “couch to sprint triathlon” training program. I’m jumping in at week two, since I only have eight weeks. It looks like this:

Monday Swim
Tuesday Bike + Run
Wednesday Swim
Thursday Bike + Run
Friday Rest
Saturday Run
Sunday Bike

Time intervals increase as the you get closer to race day, easing off in the last two weeks. Two or three of the workouts can contain some intensity, but the rest are easy to moderate pace. A few years ago I tried using this four-month plan, with a trainer’s support, but my overtime commitments at work got in the way.

I was surprised that the workouts are fairly short. Almost all of them are an hour long or less. Normally I’d dive into the deep end of the pool and work out longer. I think I’m going to play with it instead and see where that puts me. Maybe keep the same amounts of time, but add intensity here and there for endurance.

Okay! So, today’s report:

My thighs are killing me. They feel like stone inserts under my skin. Lucky for me today I swam 50-yard intervals rather than ran. (Ran… yeah right. I’m still jogging. When I get up to running I’ll let you know.) My swim workout was:

10 x 50 yards freestyle
2 x 50 yards kickboard
2 x 50 yards pull buoy
2 x 50 yards breaststroke

Or something like that. One of the last three might have had another 50 yards thrown in. After that I biked on one of the machines at the gym for 30 minutes at a moderate pace. Note to self: find someplace to get the bike tuned up this weekend.

I miss yoga. I love bending myself into a pretzel and doing the balancing act. Nothing spectacular at my 45 years, but it’s a blast. I think I’ll do restorative yoga on my days off. If I can fit it in on the other days it’ll totally rock.

Photo credit: “Kumo swimming laps” by Emilee Rader at Flickr
Photo is unmodified
Shared under Creative Commons license


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