Day Two: And This Is My Strong Event?

Posted: August 5, 2014 by writingsprint in Triathlon
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^ What they said ^

I went for a 30-minute jog today. The good news is that I made it farther than I expected I would. Call it motivation. The bad news is that I’m still woefully out of shape. I putt-putted my way for I don’t know what distance. I didn’t stop, which was my main, moral goal. It sank in: I’m going to be swimming 250 yards, then biking until my legs are jelly, and then jogging three miles on top of that. (Yay?) Those hills looked much longer on the way back than they did on the way out. But I didn’t stop. Like I said with the swimming yesterday: I’ll take it.

My right hip doesn’t seem to want to get in the game. Part of it might be a touch of scoliosis from using an exercise ball for a desk chair for the better part of a year. It improved the heck out of my posture, but over time I think I favored using my left leg to hold myself still, and my right leg just sat there. Part of it involves some personal history. Let’s just say this experience is going to be soul cleansing. It’ll be good for me, but man, it is not fun right now.

Later I biked at the gym for 30 minutes, too. I tried to keep it light but I got fired up chasing the pace biker on the monitor. I tell myself I’m not competitive. Maybe it’s only against humans. I need to get my bike tuned up and get on the road for real.

P.S.: I also need new headphones—for the gym, not the road. The package said “sports” headphones, but it turns out that’s because the cords are short, made to be reaching into an armband rather than your pocket. Not a tragedy. I’ll add it to the training “to do” list.

Photo credit: American Council on Exercise
Used without permission


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