Posted: August 2, 2014 by writingsprint in Drama
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Another gem from Mads. This one’s thoughtful and romantic.

Really Short Stories

Silk sheetsI have never liked the rustle of sheets. Be they silk or cotton or linen. Sheets rustling in my ears, hissing in their intimately sibilant fashion makes my skin crawl. It reminds me of days and times that I have strove so hard to forget. A loveless marriage. The violence and the pain. Memories that are dragged out of the abyss I have created in my mind whenever I hear that insane rubbing of sheets.

Blake loves the sound. His eyes sparkle with joy as the cloth caresses him, placing silken kisses on his flesh. He basks in their embrace.

I don’t understand it. He likes a lot of things I don’t understand. Like the CD he puts on the whenever he wants to distract me from work.

The music, if it can be called that, is atrocious—the screeching, the banging, the howling. But Blake’s ears make sense and rhythm…

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