The Agent and the Sith

Posted: July 15, 2014 by writingsprint in Science fiction
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This is the first fanfic piece I wrote for my Star Wars: The Old Republic characters. Cartog, the Imperial Agent, meets Jeana, the Sith Warrior, while Cartog is visiting Korriban, the training ground for new Sith.

Cartog and Kaliyo went to the medical ward after their meeting with Darth Zhorrid. It was a busy section, busier than you would’ve expected at any academy but this one. Cartog didn’t know of any clinics on Hutta. Gang members were treated by their friends or in one of the palaces by the Hutts’ doctors. There might’ve been one in the capital city.

They sat on adjoining bunks and waited for the next available medical droid. Cartog’s eyebrows went up when saw an honest-to-God human doctor. Several. As he kept looking around the room, he saw that they looked as young and green as the dozen or so Sith acolytes who were being treated.

The acolytes were in their late teens and low twenties, not much younger than himself. All wore black. All radiated the rabid arrogance of Sith that Cartog had met. All had training swords at their sides or within easy reach. Cartog wasn’t sure if they kept them as a mark of warrior’s honor, as a symbol of their status as Sith, or if they felt threatened by the other wounded rags in the ward. Probably all three. Two were unconscious that he could see, and a few others were laying flat on their backs and moaning as the doctors tried to administer pain killers. The wounds were a variety, too. Mauls, slashes that might have been sword cuts, blaster fire… it was a little bit of everything.

While Cartog was studying the medical ward, the young girl on the bunk next to him was studying him. Cartog looked back. The girl said nothing despite being stared at, which made an impression on him. He amended what he’d thought earlier. This one didn’t radiate arrogance, at all.

She couldn’t have been more than seventeen years old. She had short blonde hair tied back off her face, and the large, beautiful brown eyes of a fawn. The girl had the graceful build of a dancer or gymnast. Her easy confidence reached out to him, like she’d seen it all before.

She smiled at him, and cocked her head to the side. “Are you in Intelligence?” she asked.

Well! “What makes you say that?” he asked casually.

“Well, for starters, you’re not a student. You’re carrying a blaster, and rather than a sword, you’re carrying a knife.” She shifted her weight on her bunk to get more comfortable. Cartog noticed she was holding a field dressing on her leg. She followed his eyes there. “Just a scratch. Anyway, you’re wearing armor, but it’s lighter than the heavy stuff the troopers wear.”

“You’re on a roll,” he said. There was much more here than met the eye.

She grinned. “It looks like it’s been used a lot lately. It also looks new, and in pretty good condition, so I don’t think you’re a bounty hunter.” She jerked her chin toward Kaliyo. “Your friend might be, but you’re not. You’re Imperial, and that leaves Intelligence.”

Kaliyo snorted. He offered his hand. “Cartog.”

She shook hands with him. “Jeana Lysset. No last name?”

“I could tell you but I’d have to kill you. Training accident?”

“Training,” she said. “This is every day. But what happened to you?”

“I had an audience with Darth Zhorrid. She wanted to see what we were made of. A few of her servants paid the price for it.”

Jeana sighed. It was Cartog’s turn to tilt his head to her. “You don’t approve?”

“The acolytes put their faith in their masters. Their lives shouldn’t be thrown away for theater.”

“I’ve met a handful of Sith, including two members of the Dark Council, and not counting the ghosts in the temple on Dromund Kaas.” He wasn’t joking. “You aren’t like any Sith I’ve ever met.” Jeana lowered her head shyly, looking more like the teenager she still was. He continued, “You’re smart, respectful, and you have a stitch of honor.”

“Just a stitch,” she said with a wink.

Oh, he liked her.

As he was heading to the shuttle platform, he walked past the outer ruins of the temple. About a hundred yards off, he could see a field of training areas for the Sith acolytes. Training swords flashed like dozens of gold splinters in the sunlight. From left to right, the students and lessons ranged from the beginners to the deadliest. There were only three training circles in use at the farthest right. In one of them, a girl with familiar blonde hair fought three students who looked older than she was.

Jeana was magnificent. Hypnotic. She knew, or her body knew, what her opponents would do before they did it. Cartog didn’t know anything about the Force, but watching her move brought thoughts of music into his mind, buffeting his soul in waves. He could feel her passion from here.

She made them look silly. Her effortless dodges slipped into vicious, needle-dart strikes that left two of the three completely off balance at any time. She took them apart, one at a time, until all three were unconscious or holding their wounds on the ground.

As if she’d known he was there, she looked directly at him, smiled, and waved. The lethal Sith who’d just taken out three opponents looked like the fresh-faced seventeen-year-old he’d met in the med center.

Cartog waved back. He smiled and gave her a gang sign from Hutta. It was a backwards peace sign that meant ‘long life.’ “Good luck, Jeanie,” he said to himself. He hoped he’d see her again someday.

  1. A.D. Everard says:

    This is beautifully done! I love it! 🙂


    • I smile when I look back at this one. I had just started the Sith Warrior campaign in the video game and was starting to get a feel for who Jeana was. The Imperial Agent campaign was still fresh in my mind, so I wondered what it would be like if they met. I felt a little embarrassed as I wrote it. “Dude, you’re such a goober. Do you really want to start churning out fan fics?” But I loved the characters! And who am I to argue with a cool idea for a scene? So I wrote it.

      I’m learning not to argue with inspiration. Any inspiration. Especially the scenes that I don’t plan to show anybody. It’s some of the best stuff I have.


      • A.D. Everard says:

        Totally agree with you – I have found the same. When a character takes over and surprises me, or a scene pops in that I didn’t expect, it’s my best stuff, too!

        Great minds think alike! 😀


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