Live with Flavor

Posted: June 30, 2014 by writingsprint in Drama
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follow your taste budsToday’s post is inspired by the Daily Prompt “Picky Tongues“: If you had to lose part of your sense of taste, which would it be?

Sweet, sour, bitter, salty, umami. I would choose to lose salty. Sweet is too much fun, sour is good too, bitter is sometimes good when you contrast it with spicy, and umami is… I don’t know what umami is, but the definition says it’s a pleasant, savory flavor, so I’ll keep it. Too much salt is bad for you anyway. The one reason I can see keeping your salt sense is so that you can tell something’s too salty so that you won’t eat it. Too much sugar is bad for you too, at least sweet things like fruit are still good for you.

Emily woke up. Which would it be today?

Her coffee still tasted deep, dark and bitter, just how she liked it. Her orange juice still tasted like a ray of sunshine. Emily smiled at that. She’d make sure to have a brownie at lunch to celebrate.

Every morning, a different flavor sense vanished. While she slept, it came back and another one went away. The doctors said it was a side effect of the car accident. The blood loss from her injuries had caused such a drain from her head that neural pathways had fallen asleep to keep her from dying. Now they were waking up again, but her brain seemed to have forgotten how to have all of them running at once.

She took a bite of some string cheese while she made scrambled eggs for breakfast. The cheese still tasted cheesy, so it wasn’t umami. Once the eggs were ready, she put on a dash of ground sea salt and black pepper. She waited before putting the ketchup on. There were three senses to go.

Her eggs tasted like eggs. The pepper tasted pungent. She wondered what the fields in India where they were grown smelled like. She didn’t taste salt.

Emily dabbed her finger on her tongue and picked up a few stray grains of salt from the edge of the plate. She tasted nothing.

Oh well. Chips wouldn’t be any fun today. Soup and other foods from the cafeteria at her job would taste funny, too. At least it wasn’t sweetness. There was nothing more sad than biting into a nice, crisp apple and just tasting mush.

Emily enjoyed some key lime yogurt—nice and tart—to round out breakfast, then started getting ready for work. They were taking her friend Lisa out to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory tomorrow. Emily hoped she’d still have her sweet tooth.

Photo credit: “Follow Your Taste Buds” by Marsmettnn Tallahassee at Flickr
Photo is unmodified
Shared under Creative Commons license

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