Applesauce and Baseball

Posted: June 22, 2014 by writingsprint in Drama
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little leagueJason’s grandmother smelled like applesauce. Applesauce and kielbasa. Jason wrinkled his nose and hugged her anyway. His grandmother always showed up for his ball games.

“How’s my favorite third baseman?” Grandma asked.

“Pretty good. Is dad sick?” That was their code word for whether or not he’d been drinking.

“He’s feeling a little under the weather. I took care of him. He’ll be feeling better by the time you get home.”

Grandma smiled. Jason knew it was hard for her to be there for his dad, and for him, especially since Grandpa had died a few years ago. “Are you doing okay, Grandma? I think about you sometimes.”

Her eyes sparkled. “Don’t you worry about me. I’ve got two dogs and my Saturday morning golf friends looking out for me.”

Coach yelled, “Jason, get in the game! Good to see you, Mrs. Harrison.”

Jason hugged her again. Applesauce with a hint of cinnamon. “I’ll ask Dad if we can have dinner at your house soon.”

“That sounds like fun. Go snag a line drive for me!” She pat his cap and Jason ran onto the field.

I’m just going to do two short, normal posts tonight. I spent half the day on the road and I’m getting sci-fi’d out 🙂 .

Photo credit: “Little League” by Henry Alva at Flickr
Photo is unmodified
Shared under Creative Commons license


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