That’s a Win

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USMC fast rope extraction

Post #40 from the Dubrillion Burning series

Jeana and Jaesa disemboweled the two hacked droids while Raina and Cartog climbed up the fifth generator. The sixth had already had its dish shredded by Jeana’s first droid. Cartog set the charges while Raina covered him. With their power plants ripped apart, the droids limply tried to fight back on batteries only. The Sith and Jedi made short work of them.

Raina said, “They aren’t coming out.”

“They know they’re dead if they do,” Cartog said. “Watch anyway.”

The generators were vibrating from the shield charge. Their metallic equipment glowed a residual blue haze from the radiation. The generators were about activate the shield.

Their unit coms crackled. “Strike team, this Vector.”

“Go ahead, Vector,” Raina said, letting Cartog work.

“I’m getting vehicles headed your way. The shield crews probably called for help.”


“A minute.”

Cartog said, “That’s it. Down. Jeana! Jaesa! Cover!”

The strike team ran to the generator crew’s tents and got behind what little there was for cover. Cartog fired the detonator.

The shield dishes all blew at once, red and black flashes cracking the dishes like old crockery. The power field did the rest of the damage. Plasma arced across the wire frame skeletons. Durasteel bones melted. Reflective tiles flaked and flit away like dead skin.

One of the specks of light overhead rushed toward them. A roar, then blinding white light, and a concussive blast of air shoved them down. The wind faded away as the Whiskey Comet righted itself. Both of its turrets blazed rapid blaster fire at distant targets.

The Comet‘s rear hatch opened. Bowdaar dropped down a fast rope tied to a winch. Jeana and Jaesa leaped up by themselves. Cartog and Raina started tying off, still watching the shield generators’ hatches for last-minute heroes.

A pair of missiles shot away from the Comet. Just after the explosion, they heard Raffa say, “Finally! That son of a bitch AA turret dogged us the whole way down!”

They were ready. The two agents waved up at Bowdaar. The Wookiee roared. The winch yanked them off the ground and Comet streaked away.

They flew past the Loyalist lines in an instant, reaching the bay and the open sea moments after that. Wind and ocean smell replaced the sounds of war. Strong hands from Bowdaar and the others lifted them into the ship. Bowdaar closed the hatch.

The team looked at each other. “Did we do it?” Jaesa asked.

The unit com crackled. Risha asked, “Raff, did you get the strike team?”

Jeana smiled. She said, “We’re all here. Are you all right?”

Risha sounded out of breath, like she was running. “A few walking wounded but we’re okay. We just crossed into Rebel territory. I’ll feel safer once we’re out of the battle area, but we’re looking good for now.”

Vector said, “The Rebels are hitting the Loyalists from all sides. No pursuit from the Loyalist northern defense. You look all clear.”

They could hear Risha’s smile in her voice over the comlink. “That’s a win, then. That is a win!!!”

Photo credit: “View from Above,” U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Ryan Joyner, at Flickr
Photo in unmodified
Shared under Creative Commons license

  1. A.D. Everard says:

    Looks like I have some catching up to do! That’s okay, though, I want to know what happens next! 😀


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