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coronating lightning

Post #39 of the Dubrillion Burning series

The droid moaned. Who said you couldn’t program them to be sorry for messing up? As it paused to correct its fire, Jeana pointed her hand up, thrust it skyward, and the droid shot twenty feet into the air. It wobbled and crashed down on its side, denting three of its guns into scrap. The droid kicked and struggled to get up like a titanic steel beetle on its back. Jeana zigzagged toward it, dodging fire, and skewered two of its knee joints. It wouldn’t get up again.

Jaesa held up her hand as her droid fired its electricity field. The charge coronated her body but didn’t touch her. She slashed off its antipersonnel guns one after the other, trying to get in another good stab.

“Two charges set!” Cartog said. He and Raina were climbing down from the first set of generators.

Jeana stabbed her saber into her droid’s underbelly. The droid shook, then became silent and still. Jeana hacked off the rest of its guns for good measure.

Jaesa’s droid overextended itself and she gave it another good stab. It bucked and fired wild. Jaesa leaped into the air, spinning her staff and deflecting a volley of blaster fire that would have hit Cartog. Half of them hit the droid, sending it falling back. It groaned.

“Are you all right?” she asked.

“No wounds but my dignity,” he replied. He climbed up the next generator. Raina was already ahead of him, placing detonators on her next set of charges.

Jeana arrived behind it and took out one of its legs. It didn’t have enough battery power left to try its electricity field again. It hit the ground, dragging itself to face Jeana, then Jaesa stabbed it in the belly like Jeana had.

As Raina stood to move to the next generator, hatches in front of her and behind her opened. A Loyalist corporal with a pistol jumped out of the former. Raina pointed her fist at her and fired a gas dart. It hit her center mass. The corporal slapped at it. Half a second later she slumped unconscious, half in, half out of the hatch.

Jaesa waved her hand at the soldier from the rear hatch. She shouted, “The droids have gone berserk!” The soldier’s eyes widened and he dropped back inside.

Jeana chuckled. “You’re so nice.”

“It’s how I roll, mistress,” Jaesa said.

Hatches on the other generators started opening–one each. Cartog shot at one with his sidearm, who dropped back in. Jeana took another and threw her into the air. The landing wouldn’t be pretty. Raina was in the middle of climbing down from her generator and had to take cover as a Loyalist fired at her.

Jaesa fired a bolt of Force power at the Loyalist. The bolt hit him like a boulder. He flew back, hit the dish, and landed limp on top of the generator.

Jeana looked at Jaesa. “Mostly nice,” Jaesa explained.

Tonight’s use of the word “coronated” is brought to you by Bloodstone Sci Fi 🙂 .

Photo credit: “Tesla Coil” by leeno at Flickr
Photo is unmodified
Shared under Creative Commons license

  1. A.D. Everard says:

    Looking at that sentence with coronated, I’m wondering if the charge could light her like a corona instead – like the shine from the sun. I like coronated, but maybe corona would be better???

    I like how quick Jaesa is and your description of the droids. The whole energy here depicts that there is a lot happening and that they are on it. Great detail. I could see the action. 😀


    • Probably better, but I had to say “coronated” for the first draft. Just had to 🙂 .

      I’m really glad you like Jaesa. We’re getting her second-hand from Jeana’s perspective, plus she was also only a minor character in the video game, so I need to work harder to bring her to life.

      I’m also really glad that it feels like there’s a lot going on. I wanted the reader to feel that while being close enough to the characters to have it be cohesive.

      The droids are the first non-humans I’ve ever had to describe like characters. Actually, no, I did do wolves first, but it’s been a while. They had me scratching my head for a bit.


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