Dancing with Droids

Posted: June 16, 2014 by writingsprint in Dubrillion Burning, Science fiction
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battle robot

Post #38 of the Dubrillion Burning series

The droids were Republic issue 304’s, as large as the speeder they’d just left, armed with a heavy blaster turret for vehicles, rotating antipersonnel guns for troops, and an electrifying web to discourage Sith. Since they were deep inside the space port there were only four of them, one at every compass point, to discourage saboteurs. Their detection equipment wasn’t good enough to see through the strike team’s stealth fields. That would change in a minute.

The stealth field crackled. The two nearest droids started scanning their way.

Or maybe sooner.

Cartog said, “It’s the power surge. The field won’t hold.”

“Plan B,” Jeana said.

“Get ready.”

Cartog and Raina pointed their fists at the droids. They started tapping codes into datapads on their sleeves. Jeana and Jaesa took out their lightsabers.

“Good luck, everyone,” Jaesa said softly.

The stealth field winked out. The power in Cartog and Raina’s armor switched to broadcast a high-powered stream of fractal nonsense that smothered the droids’ receivers. Both went into cybernetic convulsions. Arcs of electricity jumped across their bodies.

The other two droids detected the enemies immediately. They roared – it was really their reactors firing up but it sounded like lions just the same – and ran toward them. Jeana used the Force to throw one into the side of a shield generator. Jaesa had a different skill set and froze hers in place. They both leaped to the attack, Jeana’s blue saber and Jaesa’s green staff flashing in the air.

Jeana landed on the droid just long enough to slash off a handful of sensor antennae. Light as a dove she sprang away. The droid fired its electrical shield and only succeeded in blinding itself.

Cartog and Raina climbed atop the two nearest shield generators. They began setting charges to the power conduits.

Jaesa rammed her lightstaff into the middle of the droid. She winced. The thick armor was too much to cut through. Jaesa closed her eyes slightly and a pulse of light ran down the blade into the droid. Something gave way. A bright white flash bled out of the droid. It wasn’t dead yet. Jaesa jumped off as it drunkenly tried to slap her with its guns.

Jeana’s droid fired like a man half blind. Jeana wove and danced in a cat’s cradle of gunfire. In a flash of inspiration she leaped through the air and landed next to a generator dish.

The droid kept firing and perforated the edge of the dish. Wild energy flashed everywhere. Jeana leaped away, her boots trailing stray tendrils of blue light.

Cartog laughed. “Beautiful!” he cried.

“Could we please focus, darling?” Raina asked breathlessly.

Photo credit: “Still 8 – RIP” by Reptile FX at Flickr
Photo is unmodified
Shared under Creative Commons license

  1. A.D. Everard says:

    This is great – very exciting! 🙂


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