Making a Statement

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Javelin missile

Post #36 of the Dubrillion Burning series

Two grenades rolled down the stairs near their door. “GRENADE!!!” Risha screamed, leaping around the nearest corner. They both went off, double blasts shredding the walls with fragments and fire. Her ears rang even with the protection in her helmet. Her vision blurred, Risha crouched and used the wall for cover. No one came downstairs. There were no Loyalists downstairs already because the first floor didn’t have sight lines to shoot across the river.

Taunt and Quinn fired up the stairs as they came in. Their armor had fresh scratches but they looked okay. They covered it for the rest of the team as Risha heard more gunfire up at the windows outside. A relative of Vette’s named Varas hefted a grenade launcher as he came through. Risha nodded and he fired a round of incendiary into the hall. That would keep them busy.

Risha, Vette, Quinn and Taunt moved through the first floor. Four Drayen troops watched the stairs while the rest of Vette’s family checked for another staircase on the opposite side of the building.

“Where’s that tank?” Risha asked Vector.

“Still occupied with squads three and four.”

They reached the far side of the first floor, moving between shredded drywall and cratered floor. It smelled like it had rained here for a week and some new form of life was coming up from the sewers. People upstairs were yelling. Some fired at the floor but it was all random and none of it was strong enough to penetrate their armor.

They had a shot on the back right side of the tank. Not a great shot but not a bad one, either. “Vette. Taunt,” Risha said. They were already moving. Vette unslung an antitank missile launcher on her back and assembled it. Risha watched them out of the corner of her eye as she scanned for bad guys. The tanks by the bridge were still firing at the Rebels.

The tank opened up with its coaxial gauss guns on the buildings north of them. Risha’s heart leaped into her throat.

Vector read her mind – not literally. “Squads three and four pulling back.”

Taunt loaded Vette and got out of the way. In one smooth motion, Vette raised the launcher to her shoulder, sighted and fired.

The missile screeched like a banshee, so high-pitched Risha’s eyes watered. She swore a blue streak but instantly got back to business as the missile slammed into the rear of the tank, not the side, punching through the thin armor and burning away half of the power system. The tank stopped firing. Gas vented in all directions. The inside had to be a mess. Not to mention the crew.

“Good shot, Vette!”

“Got a lot of practice on Balmorra,” she said.

“Two of the other tanks are moving. That got their attention. They’re calling for reinforcements,” Vector said.

Vector switched channels to let them hear a Loyalist screaming, “…we have just lost a tank! Tank three is down, repeat, down! Goddamn it, get us help up here now!”

Music to her ears. Over the unit coms, Risha said, “That’s it, D team. Time to go! Everyone, pull out! Get to the rendezvous!” Her squad hauled ass out of the building. Quinn and Varas covered the rear, laying heavy fire into the upper floors.

Risha slung her rifle. She took a control box off her belt, and switched her comlink to an open channel. She stated, “This is the voice of the free people of this world. Kala Ro’s reign is over. Free Dubrillion!” She hit the detonation switch.

Charges that Quinn and others had set on the ammunition dump went off, sending up a column of fire thirty meters wide and a hundred meters high.

Much better. Risha and the gang did some damage, blackened an eye, then she made her statement — and not just for her, but for her world.

Photo credit: US Army photo, Javelin missile
Photo is unmodified

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    Nice, nice, nice! 😀


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