Wolf Spirit

Posted: May 28, 2014 by writingsprint in Fun Stuff
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From The Daily Post: If you were one part human, two parts something else — another animal, a plant, an inanimate object — what would the other two parts be?

I wrinkled my nose. “You bought it with sausage?”

“It’s pizza. Of course I did.”

I covered my mouth. “You know I can’t stand anything but homemade sausage. God. It smells like garbage.”

“And factory burgers, factory anything. Are you going to practice howling at the moon tonight?”

“Shut up.” I wanted to. I wasn’t a wolf man, but I had wolf genes in my body. DNA tests had proved it. It explained my sense of smell, yellow eyes, and why I couldn’t stand being alone.

That night I made my way off campus into Schenley Park. It wasn’t the safest place late at night. During full moon, though, I wasn’t totally safe to be around, either. I felt stronger. My blood pumped harder. I wanted to run.

I reached a part of the woods where I finally felt alone. I crouched down. I took off my gloves. I could see my breath, but I barely felt the cold.

I breathed out loud enough to hear. Light came out of my throat, eyes and ears. I felt like fire ran through my blood stream, my nervous system. I thought being part wolf made me feel alive. Being part wolf spirit felt even better.

I did howl. I kicked my head back and howled like my ancestors. Light blazed out of my body. My skin glowed.

“Quiet, dummy. People will hear.”

A girl stood less than ten yards away. I jumped back. I ran into a tree.

“It’s all right. So you’re different. So am I,” she said.


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