Hmm and Double Hmm

Posted: May 23, 2014 by writingsprint in Dubrillion Burning, Science fiction
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“Did you see that?” “See what?”

Post #30 of the Dubrillion Burning series

I have a revision from yesterday (what a surprise). Yes, a direct attack on the spaceport by spaceborne troops would have been useless. An assault with tanks once the Rebels have plowed their way through the western half of the city only makes sense. This goes back to me asking myself what their plan was to take the city. They had to have one.

At first I thought that maybe the Rebels had only landed light, amphibious tanks so far, and that they need the spaceport to land the heavy stuff. That doesn’t wash. The Rebels would have needed heavy tanks to fend off the attack that came from the north. They may have lost enough in that battle to make attacking the spaceport a problem. Makes sense… so didn’t they see that coming?

The landing at Providence and Falmouth was a success, but the diversion at Cainar was a failure, in that they underestimated the artillery and the shield strength at the city. The defenders may have gotten lucky somehow, too. One bombardment ship is destroyed outright, the others hesitate. Maybe the flag commander got killed. The bombardment ships were so heavily damaged that they were forced to withdraw before they could finish the job with the spaceport. It was supposed to be softened up enough that the invaders could have taken it by now. So instead, they’re playing defense, digging into the western side of the city until they have enough forces to dislodge them. This has given the Loyalists time to gather forces for a second counterattack, putting the invasion in jeopardy.

Nice. Well, not if you’re a Rebel. Good for the writer, though.

So what can our friends do to help?

Quite simply, they can get the shields down. They need to get inside the spaceport and destroy the shield projector. If they can do that, and create some mayhem besides, the Rebels can attack and win. Like we saw in The Phantom Menace, it’s made to stop blaster fire and high-velocity projectiles, but it allows slow-moving objects, like air and people, through. We’d like to be undetected, but ripples in the shield would be detected.


What do our friends have that the Rebels don’t have? A Sith, arguably the best pilot in the galaxy (definitely the craziest), and someone with better intelligence-gathering capabilities than their agencies.

Double hmm.

The space port is still being resupplied, on a very tight corridor flying straight down from space. It’s the only way to minimize exposure from antiaircraft and is a very hairy operation. The Rebels are tracking inbound spacecraft, plus they can see when the spaceport is readying interceptors to defend the supply drop. The shield can only be dropped in total, in sixty-second intervals at a minimum, so there’s heavy bombardment at times like this. The shield generators are military vehicles, with heavy armor and counter-artillery lasers defending them.

Cartog has a state-of-the-art stealth shield. He can sneak himself, Jeana and maybe two others inside the shield perimeter when it goes down. More importantly, Jeana can use the Force to distract or befuddle any weak-minded types who do see them. Raffa… I just got a crazy idea for Raffa.

Once the shields are down, the rest of the unit can cover their retreat. They should be able to cause a fair amount of mayhem before they’re out, since by then the Rebels will be charging for Graceland.

Ever been to Graceland? The closest I’ve ever been to a place like that is Jackson Square in New Orleans. There’s nothing quite like getting your face painted by a skilled artist during Mardi Gras 🙂 .

  1. A.D. Everard says:

    You sound hard at work and having fun. It’ll be good to see how this pans out. 🙂


    • Hard at work, yes. Fun, well… this posting the thought process live is a good way to crank out 400 words, but I feel like I walked into the middle of a party wearing my boxers and everyone’s too nice to say anything. I’m debating focusing on producing stories and working on this “behind the scenes.”


      • A.D. Everard says:

        Great description of how you feel. 😀 As for what to focus on, ah man, you know the answer to that. Follow your heart. 🙂

        Seriously. I like what you do and I think you are super brave to put up work in progress as you do. I couldn’t do it. So if you have the urge to work on the big story behind the scenes, go for it. It will give you more time and you can relax, knowing that you can work it and mould it whichever way you want to without everyone looking over your shoulder.


      • Thanks for your support, Allyson. It means a lot knowing you’re in my corner. And the post got four likes! Check that out. Well, you’re not the only one who seems to be enjoying it 🙂 . I think I’ll keep working on it as I see fit, and just let myself off the hook as to what does and doesn’t get posted. That seems like a good idea.


      • A.D. Everard says:

        That sound like the perfect way to go about it. That lets you stay free.


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