The Same Sheet of Music

Posted: May 19, 2014 by writingsprint in Dubrillion Burning, Science fiction
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pianoPost #27 of the Dubrillion Burning series

The bath was blissful, and the massage was heavenly. Stylists had been commissioned as well. This would be a working meeting, not a gala, but Risha had to look the part of a queen. Risha chatted with the nurse—her name was Gwendoline—while the stylists undid a month of battlefield bruises and cracked nails, as well as showing her a selection of clothes to wear. Gwendoline said that the house staff didn’t think Lord Rinald knew their names as well as Risha did already.

She sent for sergeant Radiian to attend to her armor and weapons. He promised to see to them personally and return them to her room when they were finished. He said the last part with conviction. Risha smiled. He knew that she would check them later tonight.

She played the piano for an hour. The music reached inside her soul, which played back with a music all its own. Risha loved blues, but she had been classically trained by her father, and its sweet melodies called to her now. She thought of the gutted cities. Nights sleeping on the ground, sticky with your own dried blood. People still carried on. You had to. She didn’t know anyone who didn’t have a photo of a loved one in their pocket, in the pack, in their helmet. She played how she felt on those nights when no one else was around and she would look at the pictures she kept in her notebook: Merritt, and the gang from the Comet. She played how she felt when the man from Jacer had hugged her with tears in his eyes. She played remembering the hopeful eyes of children in the refugee camp, as their forces had rolled through.

It also settled her mind. Risha refreshed her memory of the names and faces of the nobility participating in the conference. Their agendas. Whether they had already bought in to the alliance’s strategy, or if they were positioning themselves to make power grabs after the war was over. The chips that she had to play. What they wanted “tomorrow” to look like, and how they would make it happen.

There were eighty-eight keys on a piano. Each one was beautiful to play all its own. When all played together in different melodies, they could make you weep, make your heart race, and make you want to jump up and burn the floor. The keys didn’t have to sound the same to play well together. That was how she looked at the conference. They didn’t have to have the same agendas to work well together.

This wraps up the “place to recharge” scene that I wanted to write. For me, this sequence was about showing Risha as a warrior given a short time of peace. As this scene develops, I want to show her transitioning from carrying a rifle to carrying the reins of state.

The piano playing in this scene was inspired when I was listening to De Novo Adagio by Alicia Keys. I don’t think it’s Risha’s theme song, but it’s definitely a song she would like.

Photo credit: “And in this crazy life, you are my everything” by alongfortheride at Flickr
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  1. A.D. Everard says:

    I liked what Risha was seeing in her mind while she played the piano. Good description there.


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