Lessons in Cartography

Posted: May 13, 2014 by writingsprint in Uncategorized

A great piece on experiencing the real world versus all the virtual worlds around us. (I’m a fine one to talk, as a writer of fiction!)

Virtual Napkins

1280px-Nicolas_Desliens_Map_(1566)Cartography, or the act of map-making, is something that we take for granted–especially in a world with GPS and Google Earth. It hasn’t always been that easy to see the shape of a landmass, though, and throughout history, the task of mapping out a given territory fell to the cartographer. This was a particularly important task during the age of exploration when new lands were being discovered by Europeans all over the place.


One night, in the dim dark of a Georgia bar–where the lights twisted and flashed to the band’s blasting music–there was this one very drunk girl. I knew her because back then everyone knew everyone. It was only a

Visual approximation Visual approximation

passing knowledge, though–the kind you might have of a person who sits in your class on the other side of the room but almost never talks.

I wasn’t there with her or her friends because…

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  1. Shane Wilson says:

    Hey! Thanks for the re-blog!


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