Serenity through fire: a mind trick.

Posted: May 12, 2014 by writingsprint in Uncategorized

If nothing else, I may write a scene where someone is doing this in real life! I’m starting to try meditation, too. This sounds like a good one.

Fredrik Kayser

Envision in your mind a circular room, a dome or half-sphere if you will. Within this room thoughts cannot enter, when you create it it is important that you carve that rule into the foundation of the room. In the centre of this black room void of all thought and emotion there are but two things: yourself and a roaring flame.

Thoughts are going to try and break the rules and enter. Pain or other sensation might as well. Let the intruders fuel the fire and let the heat of the flame touch your face, and the crackling roar fill your ears.

The flame is there to assist you. Once the room is complete and you’ve gotten used to it, you will find calm and even serenity a lot more accessible. This is a trick I use very often, it is good for shutting out all kinds of distractions. It…

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