We Were Meant to Find You

Posted: May 9, 2014 by writingsprint in Science fiction
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Flamingo Cantina“My lady, I cannot express to you my profound relief that you and Vette are still alive! The report from the base commander—”

“It’s all right, Quinn. I’ll explain when we meet again.”

“I shall report at once to Darth Baras–”

“You will report nothing. We’re now operating under direct orders at the highest levels. The highest, Quinn. Do you understand?”

Even through the haze of the hologram, you could see the blood drain out of Quinn’s face. “Yes, my lady. Where shall we rendezvous with you?”

“I’m sending coordinates now. Hurry, Quinn. Time is of the essence.”

“At once.” Quinn bowed, and the channel closed.

Across from Jeana, leaning against the cockpit hatch, Raffa stood with his arms folded. “Looks like a real pencil pusher,” he said.

“He’s that, but he’s also good in a fight. He’s quite brave, actually.”

“Sounds like he bleeds black and red.”

“We all bleed red.” It was a philosophical point.

Raffa smiled. “Fair enough.” And he got it.

Jeana gathered up her gear. They were going to meet Risha and Vette in the station cantina. “What are your colors, captain?”

Raffa rubbed his fingers. “Gold and silver, what else?”

Jeana gave him a measuring stare. “Would you fight for our side, then? You’re a good pilot. My pull isn’t what it used to be at the moment, but I’m sure we could match whatever the Republic’s paying you.”

The imaginary coins in Raffa’s fingers lost their luster. He lowered his hands. “Not so much, miss Jeana. Nothing personal. You seem all right, but some of your Sithy friends creep the bejeezus out of me. Maybe when we’re all done shooting at each other.”

Jeana thought of the fume-filled cave where they’d left her for dead just days ago. “They’re not all my friends, either. As you say. When it’s all done.”

They left Bowdaar and Corso on the ship to make repairs. They found Risha and Vette laughing and doing shots. Jeana smiled. Vette positively glowed. “I’ve never seen you this happy,” Jeana said, sitting down next to her. Raffa sat down next to Risha.

Impulsively, Vette hugged Risha. “She’s my sis! What can I say?”

Risha squeezed her hand. “So lucky. I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you.”

“Luck, schnuck. It was meant to be,” Raffa said.

“On that, we agree, space man,” Jeana said. A waitress came and took their orders. When she left, Jeana looked at him and Risha more soberly. “And on that note, I have to give you my most profound thanks. I don’t know if anyone else could have gotten us off that cesspool. We were meant to find you. You saved our lives. Thank you.”

Raffa waved his hands. “Ah, just another day in the life. What are friends for?”

“Don’t believe him for a second. He’s eating it up,” Risha said.

We’re almost wrapped up here. They need a little goodbye scene, especially for Risha and Vette, then I’ll get back into the real story.

Photo credit: Flamingo Cantina

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