Dangerous Friends

Posted: May 4, 2014 by writingsprint in Dubrillion Burning, Science fiction
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dangerous friendsPost #22 of the Dubrillion Burning series

They put their heads together and continued to plan until early evening, stopping for meals and to take breaks along the way. As they shut the room down, Beryl said that it had never gotten that much mileage in a day. Raffa and Beryl went to have their drink, and Bowdaar went to relieve Corso of his guard duty. Risha, Jeana and Vette went to talk with Jeana’s crew.

Jeana led the way and Vette fell in behind her. Risha sighed. She couldn’t wait for the day that her friends could stop acting like bodyguards.

While the crew of Port Nowhere operated on Coruscant standard time, the merchants operated on a perpetual shift. For the bars, it was always night. For the merchants, it was always day. They worked out among them who was minding the stores. The Dragon Lounge was still jazzy as they walked through it. They passed through a series of workshops — metalwork, droid repair and armor repair — plus another, smaller bar that didn’t look like it had a name. Risha felt thrumming through deck plates as they walked over another reactor a few decks below them. It was funny. On their ship, you felt the engine no matter where you were. On a ship like this, you could probably blindfold yourself and know where you were based on the sounds and feel of the deck.

“How are you holding up, Rish?” Vette asked.

“I’m doing all right. Do I look that way?”


“Yeah, well. I’m just glad you’re all able to help.”

“Wild horses, Rish. Wild horses.”


Risha tried to think of conversation she could make with Jeana. There was only so much you could ask of a Sith lord in a public place. “Have you been doing any dancing, Jeana?”

Jeana smiled, glancing back over her shoulder. “My friend Adri came to visit us on Ashalon. We used to dance together back in school. My heart sings thinking about it.”

Risha drew her breath. “Adri Corrino?”

Jeana’s smile broadened. “We danced every day. Ballet. Contemporary. We’d put on music and make up routines. We danced ourselves silly.”

“I saw her perform on Lyrio once. She’s amazing. She moves like a dove. Like a dagger. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days,” Risha said.

Vette said, “Wonder who taught her that ‘dagger’ part.”

It was a small galaxy. Risha said, “One day, I have to watch you two perform together. In person.”

I’m exploring with this scene. This is the first time since I made the decision to make this Risha’s story that I started a scene from her perspective. Originally I was going to work on the meeting with the spacers, but I wanted to walk her through a more social setting. It’s helping me get to know her. Which isn’t to say there won’t be business going on too.

I need to build up her relationship with Vette, since they were best friends a long time ago. Jeana’s going to become her confidant and advisor, a combination of friend, mentor, and champion.

Photo credit: “Danger … Black Ice!” by Dragon Online at Flickr.
Photo is unmodified.
Shared under Creative Commons license.


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