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Posted: May 2, 2014 by writingsprint in Dubrillion Burning, Science fiction
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Star Wars lego love

Post #20 of the Dubrillion Burning series

Last night, we left off with “Anastasia coming back home.” I was going to keep going with the plan for the story, but rather than the events, I’m going to focus on the heart and soul side of the story. As important as the events are, this is where the story really happens. (I admit, I was afraid dragging you through the events was getting boring.)

Risha’s going to be tempted to cut and run. She’s a career criminal and this civil war thing is going to weigh on her. She’ll be torn between her lifelong dream and the freedom she’s leaving behind.

Risha gets a scene where she’s playing piano, either in a bombed-out music school on a mission, or in Merritt’s palace while she’s feeling out of place. Every time I listen to “De Novo Adagio” by Alicia Keys I get inspired to write this scene.

Risha and Raffa’s feelings for each other will come into play. There could be a sad scene where they say goodbye. Or, at the other end of the spectrum, she could be faced with an executive decision that hangs Raffa out to dry.

Raffa’s going to feel the urge to cut and run. As things get nastier in the war, though, he may go a little to the dark side.

Jeana’s going to have a nemesis in the Loyalist ranks, a badass she eventually has to fight.

One of Jeana’s crew may betray her. Again.

Cartog is going to face some ghosts.

Cartog and Raffa don’t like working together but they’re going to team up to work some underworld mojo to help save the day.

I originally thought I’d have Jeana and Raffa thrown together in no man’s land but I don’t think I can have both her and Raffa pair up separately in the same story. Maybe next time. Still, I think someone needs to get lost in no man’s land. Maybe Cartog. He’s wired to work alone, so it makes sense that he would get separated. What’s the hook, then? Maybe he has the chance to act like a human being rather than an agent. Help some refugees, stuff like that.

Cartog’s psychotic droid Scorpio will lose her restraining bolt.

Cartog’s wife Raina will unleash her inner badass.

Raffa’s buddy Corso will stand up and be the hero that he really is inside.

Beryl Thorne and her jacket need to show up again. Originally I just thought she’d have a cameo, but I like that jacket too much. I have a feeling people are underestimating her.

Count Rinald is going to have to deal with people listening to Risha more than him.

I wonder if any of the characters I know from the video game will get killed off. It feels sacrilegious, but if I’m true to the characters and the story I have to leave open that possibility.

What’s the heart of your story?

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  1. A.D. Everard says:

    Looks like you are putting together a good in depth story. Sounds like fun. 😀


  2. My favorite is Risha’s piano scene. Characters need something other than their mad skills, something that makes them human to us. Raffa might be a guitar player, or into old movies. Not sure. He does have that thing for good whiskey.


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