Fire Alarm

Posted: April 20, 2014 by writingsprint in Drama
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running manBEEP BEEP BEEP

Ann almost jumped completely out of bed. The fire alarm strobes in her hotel room weren’t flashing, but the beep sounded like one.

A loudspeaker somewhere in her room said, “Attention. Attention. A security alert has been triggered in your area. Please remain in your room and await further instructions. Do not use the elevators. Do not use the doors.”

“Why, oh why, didn’t I stay at my aunt’s?” Ann asked.


The message repeated. Ann held her head. There was a convention of Benevolent Order of the something or other in the building. Maybe an old man reliving his early twenties got plastered and pulled the fire alarm.

The message repeated a third time. “I heard you already!” she cried.

Ann double-locked the door for good measure. Just as she did, she heard an elevator bell ring, followed by hard, running footsteps.

An envelope was slipped under the door. Ann jumped back. She didn’t touch it.

The footsteps receded.

Coming the other way, she heard at least two sets of footsteps. Someone talked fast into a walkie-talkie. They sounded angry.

Ann curled up in her night shirt and stared at the envelope. Now what? Open it? Call security?

Ten long minutes later, the beeping went off again.


The loudspeaker said, “Attention. Attention. Security has investigated and there is no danger. You may resume normal activities.”

“Normal. Right. I’m being held hostage by an envelope,” Ann said

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