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friend to cry toPost #9 of the “Dubrillion Burning” series

Jeana started around the bar. Sitting across from Jeana, a sky-blue Twi’lek turned, lekku fluttering as she did. It was Vette, Risha’s partner in crime in her early years and Jeana’s right hand today. Risha and Vette met each other halfway in a hug.

“Oh, it’s good to see you,” Risha said.

“You too. How are you holding up, sis?”

Raffa shook hands with Jeana. “Thanks for coming, Jeana.”

“Family is family.” She smiled and bowed at Bowdaar. “Noble warrior.” If dogs could purr, that was sound Bowdaar made. Then he hugged Jeana. She laughed. “You’re like a big old wolfhound we used to have back home.”

“What, I don’t get a hug?” Raffa said.

“You don’t remind me of my dogs,” Jeana said.

Raffa shrugged. Whatever. Vette and Risha finished their hug and the group of them made a circle. “Nice meeting place. Your idea?” Jeana asked.

“The most neutral port in the galaxy. Did anybody harass you for being Imperial?” Raffa asked.

Vette laughed. “Nope. I bought some new coolers for my guns and got a lead on a dig for Rakata artifacts on Jurio. How did you find it?”

“Everyone comes here sooner or later. If you’re a spacer, you learn about it. If you’re not, you don’t.” It was true. Raffa didn’t know a ship captain who hadn’t been here yet. He looked around. “Has anyone seen Car?”

Jeana shook her head. “We haven’t. I tried calling him before we left on a few different priority frequencies. There no answer.”

“Do you think there’s trouble?” Risha asked.

“With Car? Always. Trouble that he can’t handle? I doubt it. So… where shall we talk?”

Risha said, “We have a room in the superstructure. It’s for VIP’s only, special guests of the Port’s crew.”

“You must be on their Life Day card list,” Vette said, looking at Raffa.

Risha smirked as Raffa turned red. “One of them’s an ex-girlfriend,” he said.

“One of many,” Risha added.

“Hey, she came through.”

“You buying her a drink later?”

He grinned. “I do have a reputation to uphold.”

“And what a sterling reputation it is,” Jeana said.

Haider Ackermann black origami leather jacket

The hug got the top spot, but this jacket was way too cool not to make it into the post 🙂

They made their way through the ship to the main accessway, then identified themselves to two guards flanked by battle droids at the compartment that led to the upper command deck. One of the guards made a call on his comlink. A few minutes later, a woman came out of the hatch behind them. She was a little shorter than Risha, with short blonde hair and a scar across her right eye. The look in her eyes was far older than her age. She was dressed in a flashy, multicolored pantsuit with a leather jacket that would have looked appropriate on pop star. It was made of genuine gundark leather with what looked like, and probably were, platinum buttons.

“There he is,” she said. Beryl Thorne walked over to Raffa and kissed him. She turned to face the group. “And Raffa’s friends! Welcome!” Her tone dropped and she added, “Even you, Risha.”

“Come on, Beryl. You can’t tell me you’re not doing well. Though you do need someone to give you some fashion tips.”

“I’ll take your sour grapes as a compliment,” Beryl said. She turned, showing off her jacket. Raffa noticed pistols tucked in shoulder holsters underneath it. Beryl turned back to the group. “Your room is ready. Come with me.”

  1. A.D. Everard says:

    That is a gorgeous jacket.


  2. That’s why I posted the picture!!! Does that scream “rock star” or what? If Beryl had been the center of the scene I could have put it up top, but she only gets a cameo.


  3. I went back to the web site where I found it — holy CRAP it’s a $5,000 jacket! It had BETTER look good!!!


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