Old and New, Friends and Enemies

Posted: April 7, 2014 by writingsprint in Dubrillion Burning, Science fiction
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bar-fightPost #8 of the “Dubrillion Burning” series

Formerly a Hutt dreadnought, the ship had been modified to act as a moving way station for pirates, scum, and more savory types who were looking for a little privacy between worlds. Raffa had fallen under all three categories at one point or another, depending on whom you asked.

They walked under a graffiti-stained bulkhead as they entered the ship’s forecastle. The space had been converted into a docking area. The Comet was of three ships docked here, out of a possible six. Two other traders stood near one of the other locks, a human and a Kubaz, having a smoke while they talked in heated whispers. The Kubaz’s thick, anteater-shaped nose made his smoking look even stranger. Raffa ignored them. Risha gave them a nod. Bowdaar ducked under the bulkhead and snorted.

Behind the forecastle had originally been the spaces for the ship’s forward battery. This deck and the deck below it had been converted into a bar called the Quick Draw. Above and below those were private rooms. Hard, metallic Jadian rock pounded the walls. Pirates and spacers crammed the dance floor or sat at tables gambling and getting drunk with old and new friends.

Someone punched someone else near them. Not to mention old and new enemies.

The fight started to spill toward them. Bowdaar snarled. A bloodied Mantellian stopped his punch in mid-swing and held up his hands. His combatant did likewise. They moved away, then the bloodied one suckerpunched the first and they picked up where they left off.

“Can I offer you weary travelers a drink?” a bartender hawked at them.

Raff waved him off with a smile. No reason to be unfriendly.

They pushed their way through to the far side of the bar. The volume dropped once they were on the other side of the next bulkhead. The next area had been crew quarters. Now there were dealers in trade goods, legal and illegal. Blasters and other arms on the left, spice and contraband trade on the right. Deeper in, they passed a whorehouse and someone selling and repairing droids.

The next section was private rooms, 100 credits an hour. A Balmorran battle droid took payment and handed out keys. Looking at the shine on its claws and buzz blades, Raffa didn’t want to know what happened to people who didn’t pay.

“You’ll notice there’s no blood on the walls or the deck,” Risha said, reading his mind.

“100 creds an hour for peace of mind? I’ll pay that,” Raffa agreed. He nodded to a scarred Mandalorian wearing mismatched armor who stood guard nearby. The Mandalorian only stared back at him. He wasn’t paid to be friendly. There was a saying among hired guns: fear the one with beaten armor and beaten skin. They’ve lived to look that way.

They passed through more docking spaces, then went through one more bulkhead. Low thrumming vibrated through the deck plates into their feet. They felt it out the tops of their heads. Two decks below them was one of the ship’s reactors. Raffa loved that feeling. It was like feeling your own heartbeat, good and strong.

Bowdaar rubbed his arms and growled. He said he hated that feeling. It made his hair stand up.

They reached another bar, called Myn’s Dragon Lounge. This was where people went to sit back on Port Nowhere, rather than blow off steam. A genuine chanteuse sang smoky blues in the corner, while patrons played pool or chatted while they enjoyed the music. A mesmerizing blue and red neon dragon covered the far wall.

On the other side of the nearest bar, Raffa locked eyes with a woman with round, graceful cheekbones and dark brown eyes. Her blonde hair would have been shoulder-length if it hadn’t been clipped to keep it back from her face. She wore sleek, fast, black-as-night battle armor. They both started to smile as they recognized each other. They both remembered why they were here at the same time, too, and their smiles faded.

  1. A.D. Everard says:

    Looking good. 🙂 I like the fight scene, that really had to be there. 😀


  2. Thanks! I was going for laughs by having them start up again after they were farther away from the Wookiee 🙂 . The overall atmosphere I want at Port Nowhere is dangerous, and a little weird.


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