F**king Destiny

Posted: April 2, 2014 by writingsprint in Fantasy
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story-generatorCarrie brushed away the ghost that swept over her back. “God damn it, get the hell away from me!” she said. She fell out of half moon pose. Carrie moaned. The ephemeral sheet of silky mist danced around her. She waved at it again. “Bug off.”

“You are the chosen one, Carrie Davis.”

“You are getting on my last nerve, spirit of my ancestors,” Carrie said. She yanked her iPod out of the speakers and started rolling up her yoga mat.

“Your destiny lies before you. You must leave this place,” the air whispered to her.

Carrie finished stuffing her mat into its bag. She threw it over her shoulder. “Is my destiny going to buy me an apartment to live in while I’m saving the world?” she asked. Carrie walked straight through the being. It dissipated. It was still there, coming back together. It seemed to hate when she did that.

She opened the door to leave. Cold, wet air flew past her, clammy and sharp like a November wind. The door slammed. The spirit formed again in front of her.

“You cannot escape your destiny, Carrie Davis.”

“I cannot escape your nagging,” Carrie said.

“Your wit will serve you in the days ahead. Be warned, Carrie. If you do not leave this place, your destiny will find you.”

That one finally got through to her. The spirit had no face, but Carrie felt like it and she were looking at each other, eye to seeing soul, and she had just blinked. Damn it.

The mist vanished. Carrie looked at the door. She had to leave. She had two problem sets to work on and an English paper to write.

She looked at the back of her wrist. A small green tree was tattooed on the inside. The branches pulsed with the veins there. It was hard to tell where the artwork ended and her life’s blood began. Or, as the spirit had told her, if there was a difference at all.

“Fucking destiny,” Carrie said.

Carrie walked through the door. As she walked through, the world seemed to slow down and darken just so. Everyone’s shadow got longer. Faces looked sadder, more sinister, or more longingly hopeful. She saw her breath as she exhaled.

Another step into the spirit world. Carrie looked at the back of her wrist and kept walking. Fading as she looked at it, there really was a gold sheen on the tree this time. She wasn’t imagining it.

Someone in black started following her.

“If they’re evil, at least they’re dumb,” Carrie said.

Something light for tonight. I just joined a local choir — and I’ve never sung before, other than karaoke — and I didn’t have time to work on the other stories.

wrist tattoo

  1. A.D. Everard says:

    “If they’re evil, at least they’re dumb,” Carrie said.

    Spot on. 🙂

    I like how she finds herself stepping into the spirit world. Nicely done.


  2. Thanks 🙂 ! This was loosely based… I guess I should really say “inspired”… by a fantasy novel called “Norse Code” that I read last year, about a regular woman who winds up as one of the Valkyries. Sarcasm is one of many services she provides. Carrie’s not a valkyrie but she definitely has a chip on her shoulder.


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