Calling in Favors

Posted: March 29, 2014 by writingsprint in Dubrillion Burning, Science fiction
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Duke Charle Organa (SWTOR)Risha kept her head. She leafed through a journal that she’d kept of her father’s lessons on diplomacy and political intrigue. She patched into the galactic net and did what research she could on Dubrillion’s civil war. She’d already been following it. There was nothing out there that she didn’t already know. In fact, the press seemed to be about a month behind and not nearly as deep as they needed to be. The count had kept her well-informed.

She came into the ship’s lounge with a handful of notes. Raffa sat next to the main holo screen. He rubbed his forehead. “I’ve spoken to staffers we worked with on Alderaan and Corellia, and I just got off the link with princess Cedonia. They’ve promised to put us in touch with the senators as soon as they’re available.”

“I guess your hero credit hasn’t burned up yet.”

“What better way to use it?” He noticed Risha was staring at him. “What’s up?”

“You’re wearing that nanosilk shirt I bought you. And did you shave?”

“I figured they wouldn’t want to talk to a pirate, even one they owe a favor.”

“Nice. I must be rubbing off on you.”

The com chimed. “It’s Cedonia!” Raffa patched it through.

Cedonia Teraan appeared over the holoviewer, long hair tied into curls that cascaded from her shoulders to her back. Even hurried, she was the picture of elegance and grace. “Raffa, I’ve managed to pull Duke Organa out of his meeting with the defense minister. He should be with us shortly.” The image flickered and the com chimed again. Duke Charle Organa appeared on a separate projection.

Raffa bowed awkwardly. Risha bowed gracefully. Raffa hated this stuff. “Princess. My lord duke,” he said.

“Friends, when Cedonia told me that you needed help, I came at once,” the Duke said.

Cedonia looked at Risha. “Dear Risha, Raffa told me what’s happening. I’m so very sorry.”

“Thank you,” Risha said. To both of them, she said, “My lord and lady, you know about the civil war on Dubrillion. I’ve just received a message from count Rinald. King Ro has resorted to burning cities. The Republic must step in and order a cease fire.”

The duke looked stricken. “Dear gods, no. I’ll raise word of this at once in the Senate… but I must tell you, truthfully, I believe very little will be done.”

“What the hell?” Raffa cried. He’d lost it. “I’m sorry, duke, sir…”

“My lord duke, the casualties could be catastrophic, and growing worse! Innocent civilians are being targeted!” Risha said.

“The two of you are no strangers to war. There are campaigns between the Republic and the Empire across dozens of worlds on a front light-years wide. Thousands are dying even as we speak. I merely wanted to let you know the honest truth: I don’t believe that the Republic will spare an army and a fleet to quell an internal argument on a planet at the far edge of the Outer Rim. Were we not at war… steps would most certainly be taken.”

Risha breathed slowly. Raffa could see her fighting to keep her composure. Cedonia looked heartbroken. Risha said, “We’ll send you the message from Rinald. Please, do anything you can. Speak to the senators from the nearby systems. Anything, anything will help.”

“I will do my utmost. I will speak to one of my generals and see what aid we can provide.”

Risha bowed, and Raffa did too. “Thank you,” she said. The duke bowed, and the channel switched off.

Raffa kicked the holoviewer. Risha jumped. “They aren’t going to do a damned thing,” he said.

“Humanitarian aid, maybe. Economic sanctions. He’s right about the war. They’re all too preoccupied with fighting the Empire to help a planet killing its own people,” she agreed. Her shoulders sagged. “That leaves our friends in low places.”

“I’ll start making holo calls.”

“Thanks, Raff. I’ll send Merrit’s message to the duke, and see what else I can stir up.” She went to the galactic net terminal and started working.

Raffa sat down next to the gaming table in the corner. He sat started making a list of every smuggler in the galaxy who owed them. They would all be tied up in the war effort, fighting for one side or the other, or just making credits where they could. Still, Raffa had more hope with them than he did with the politicians. At least they knew how to return a favor.

He stopped writing.


“Yeah, Raff?”

“We’re not going to get help from the Republic.”

She didn’t look up. “Yeah… I thought we figured that one out.”

“What we need here is an honest-to-God coup, right? Cut off king Ro’s head, you and the count take his place.”

Risha looked at him. “In a perfect galaxy, sure. Where are you going with this?”

Raffa walked over to her. “We have two friends in the Empire. One’s a commando. One’s a Sith. Two people who specialize in cutting off heads.”

Risha jumped up and hugged him.

  1. A.D. Everard says:

    Ooh, I like it. 🙂


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